At an ever-increasing rate, humanity as a whole is yearning to live their right best life. The frustration and lack of clear guidance of how to not only change one’s own life but to contribute to evolving their regional and global dynamics are adding to stress that doesn’t seem to have an endpoint. Without any clear path to follow people are feeling lost, frustrated, hopeless and alone. As part of Ron’s draw to help others awaken to their true and eternal nature he has created Global Transformation.

This program is, at its core, designed to align the individual with their Core Essence and awaken their limitless potential. Ron will guide you in igniting the awareness of the connection between each and every person and all of life, known and unknown. These openings lead us to the knowing that the path to awakening and healing is expanding beyond the personal point of view, to the act of acknowledging the affects our lives have on the whole of humanity and life.


Your TGH’s have made such a big difference for me in my life, your spiritual guidance and teachings during them has made such a difference in my understanding of how the universe works and why we are all here on this journey!


I am proud to call Ron my Healer, teacher and friend. He has given so much of himself not only to me but to everyone he touches.

His TGH, Core Matrix, and 21 Day Catalyst series are of incredibly great value to me. I feel a deeper understanding of spirit, my authentic self and my relationships with everyone around me. As I have changed, I have watched my family change as well. I have come to realize that this process is not just about me but about all of life. As I see differently, others around me also change not because of what I say but because of who I am. My deepest gratitude to Ron, thank you.

Theresa Contaxis

East Otis, MA

Of all of Ron’s programming, his TGH’s are my favorite. I love the openings that occur, the spiritual breadth of subject matter that is birthed and how naturally the topic at hand can morph and flow into whatever is needed in the group dynamic. He always focuses on a higher, more expanded way of seeing things which opens up so many doors that I couldn’t have imagined existed. If you crave higher level spiritual and life topics, this is an event I can’t recommend enough. He is a true gift to the world.

Diane A.

Bali, Indonesia

Thank you so very much – it was extraordinary, deep and self-corrective for me. Funny, something in me kind of sensed what a true father could be like the more Ron spoke. So beautiful. (when listening to The Pure Nature of Father)

Daniela Mannucci

Brescia, Italy

Now is the time, for those who are ready and willing, to spread your wings and take flight. To access the strength and courage within, to become your true self, creating a life of beauty and abundance for ourselves as an example for others of what it can become when we embrace all that we truly are. For this to happen we must consider the following:

  • The environment that influences the skies we sore through.
  • The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we live on.
  • The people we live with and around.
  • How the human species move beyond primitive motives and behaviors to that of evolving Spirits.

During these Global Transformation events, Ron will shine a light on the magnitude of these imbalances and highlight many of the forms they take. As he releases the causes of these distortions, he will be instilling the frequencies to awaken your innate nature of living a life of harmony within. Bringing awareness to the reflection of who you truly are and what the world has the ability to become.

These groups are designed to continually bring people to the next level, no matter whether you are a seasoned person or new to this process all will be supported where they are.


GT Pandora_Heaven WSB

From Pandora’s Box to Living Heaven on Earth – A Two-Part Series



GT Functional Obsolescence WBS copy

Global Transformation: Functional Obsolescence



Global Transformation: Social Unrest – Awakening to a New Way


illuminated soul

Global Transformation: 2021:The Year of the Illuminated Soul


Global Transformation: A 360-Degree View of the Holidays



TGH: Coming Out Of The Shadow Of Others: As Well as Your Own



TGH: A Season of Introspection: A Key to Seasonal and Lifetime Joy



TGH: Awakening Your Spiritual Sight: seeing the Truth of what IS



TGH: Stepping out of Seasonal & Holiday Confusion & Depression



TGH: The Power of Authenticity: A New Year, A New You, A New Voice



TGH: True Happiness and Joy



TGH: Year Round Holiday Spirit



TGH: Passion For Life



TGH: Eternal Motivation: How to Sustain Your Innate Life Flow



TGH: True Love is a Frequency



Global Transformation: Resurrection As a Life Skill



Global Transformation: Global Balance from Extreme Living



Global Transformation: Seeing with Non-Human Eyes



Global Transformation: Mother Embracing Her Pure Essence