Full Moon Eclipse of the New Lemuria


Dates: November 8th

Start Time: 7:00 PM MT

Length: 60 Minutes

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November’s Full Moon Eclipse is rich with potential for change, perfectly aligned with this next wave of evolutionary consciousness as it moves closer to its peak amplitude in the coming weeks. This powerful celestial alignment on November 8th will heighten the energies of natural beauty, the balance of inner and outer truth, and authentic voice of your loving spirit self.

It’s time to be “all in” on your journey of self-discovery and embodiment and to step more confidently and powerfully into who you will become in the realm of 5D consciousness and beyond.

Ron will also take advantage of the light energy matrix of the New Lemurian Consciousness being birthed. This is a unique opportunity to be immersed in highly transformative frequencies that will create opportunities to embody what we have been moving towards.

During our time together, Ron will immerse everyone in these powerfully transformative energies that are the highest truth your heart and soul can live. It is a time to experience and become the true spirit being you are. This event will take place live in Kauai, Hawaii.