Ron has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for thirty years and has provided spiritual and life guidance to thousands of people around the world. Ron’s passion is to facilitate awakening for those who wish to evolve, expand, and energize their health and change their lives at a core level.

A born intuitive, Ron is renowned for his ability to bring profound healing to others, simply through the power of his voice, intention, and presence. Ron’s innate energetic abilities are embedded with divine healing codes and he is able to transmit these inherent healing energies to others—both individually and through group practice.

In childhood he was intimately aware of the subtle energies in and around people, life situations, and nature. He saw things differently than others, and had what he calls a “knowing”—an awareness of a presence. At that time, Ron felt what he was sensing, and later learned to know. In a roomful of people, he could automatically adjust his energy to suit the room—whether it was in behavior, in mood, or in feeling state—by harmonizing his senses and rebalancing any dissonance that was occurring, he could bring the entire room into a balanced state. He also had a keen awareness of how others were feeling and he knew, innately, how to listen, how to ask the right questions, and how to say just the most appropriate thing to help someone resolve their difficulties. Motivated by an unwavering desire to awaken at a soul level, to answer life’s deepest questions, and to align with the pure essence of God, Ron has realized, honed, and mastered his unique healing abilities.

As Ron continues his journey of awakening, he is also committed to helping others discover their own insight and inspiration. He is passionate about helping his clients to find meaning, purpose, and clarity in their lives, and he feels graced to be in connection with a higher vibrational consciousness. Ron’s passion is to hold space and facilitate others in awakening to their spirit-selves so that they may live a life of infinite potential.

Everything that I do is an opportunity for people to reawaken to their authentic self, to uncover the lost archives of who they really are and how they are meant to be in this world.