Global Transformation
Transforming from Survival to Evolutionary Living


Date: August 22nd, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 50 minutes

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Humanity, at its core, longs to become and experience all that it possibly can. With a limited understanding of who we are and what it means to be human, we often struggle to evolve beyond what we have created and what we have been shown.

From the beginning of human life on this planet, our focus has primarily been survival-based, for ourselves and our species as a whole. Today, we have become largely stuck in this primitive stage of survival, and the way most people are shown and taught to live comes from a subconscious need to survive, not thrive.

All life forms on this planet have a built-in mechanism for survival in order to keep its species alive. For non-sentient beings, this is natural within the species, makeup. This innate programming is also contributory to balance and harmony within the global ecosystem and maintains the symbiotic and balanced relationship of all life on the planet.

With humans having a higher level of awareness and consciousness, as well as free will, this creates a distortion; an imbalanced position which contributes to the creation of an unstable environment.

The greatest influences on this imbalanced state of living are the traumas we hold onto, our emotional immaturity, and our inaccurate understanding of the human life process and what it is to be human. All of this pulls our focus and energy away from creating an evolutionary life and holds us firmly within a survival-based way of living.

Part of our journey here on Earth is to learn to let go of this inbuilt survival mechanism, to grow and transform through our experiences here, so that we can reach the next level of evolution and become the next best expression of ourselves. Instead, however, we have become evolutionarily stunted, stuck in a survival-based way of living while our divine birthright, which is to thrive rather than simply to survive, eludes us.

Join Ron for this powerful Global Transformation call where he will be working on the group at a frequency level that will help us to:

  • Awaken our innate potential to transform and change.
  • Move from a state of surviving to one of thriving.
  • Develop emotional maturity and courage, so we can fully feel and move through the traumas that hold us back.
  • Transform fear into the motivation and fuel to live and love more fully.
  • Release at a deeper level our imbalanced and inaccurate relationship with good and evil.
  • Live a more balanced, harmonious, and evolutionary-based life.

As the waves of higher consciousness reach the planet, allow yourself to remember the truth of who you are, a powerful and radiant spirit moving to the next evolutionary level. This program is designed to open the doorway to a life of beauty, ease, and thriving. Ron will work with your energetic systems at a root level to replace old patterns with evolutionary living which is a new, lighter, and freer program for your body, mind, and spirit to work from. Join Ron on this amazing journey of healing and step into setting yourself free.