HEAL / TRANSFORM / AWAKEN An Energetic Healing and Meditation In One

The purpose of the 21 Day Catalyst is to create deep and lasting change within the whole person while awakening the individual in all areas of their life. These meditations will support you in aligning to your innate ability to heal and bring forth your Infinite Potential to live your most brilliant and abundant life. As this process brings you to higher levels of presence your life becomes increasingly more expansive, meaningful and abundant.

This program is 21 days of a live, 30-minute healing meditation offered at 7:00pm PT, accessible via webinar and phone throughout the world. During each 30 minute session, Ron will guide you into a deep state of meditation to bring you into a more expanded, detailed and grounded relationship with your body and spirit. Throughout this time Ron will tap into the group energy and the collective dynamic as a whole, recognizing core fundamental issues and foundational areas that need addressing as well as multiple subgroup dynamics. He then creates the frequencies necessary to begin the healing, transformation, and awakening process that affect all participants as a whole and individually on numerous levels.


Hi, Ron. I wanted to let you know this accelerated program was everything I could have wanted and more! Perfecto!!

From its ending in the allowance of unconditional love to a conversation with a new man in my life after that opening – seeing myself rooted in the exchange from love without needing or doing! Then awakening to a recall of an abused piece of a child I assisted over 10 years ago, allowing the continued opening to release whatever abuse occurred or had been in me… my vision of self stronger than ever before – my heart is most grateful.
Thank you, Ron.


Sonoma, CA

I feel like a giant cataract has been removed from my soul so I can see and be more organically connected to my deepest being. It is much easier now for me to ground and center. This program was so powerful for me I knew I needed to continue into the second round of 21 days for continued deepening.

Profoundly, after participating in a second 21 Day Catalyst program, back to back to the first one, I feel tremendously freer— as if many core layers of illusion and distortion came off to allow me to feel “me” under all of the layers of worldly gunk I had been cluttered and often anxious by. I am excited to continue with ongoing work for more deepening and grounding into myself.

This 21 Day Catalyst Program has hands down been the best catalyst of my life for my personal growth. It is easier now to ground and center, and by taking a deep breath I can feel my heaven and earth connection quickly without the effort or time it used to take me to quiet in and center. I am holding my own space now much more easily when energies around me are disruptive.

Jami Martin

Sedona, AZ

Ron’s 21-Day Catalyst Program, thus far, for me personally, has been an amazing exploration on so many levels. Truly a Blessing of Exponential Proportions!

First off, the group energies are so powerful, so coupling the group dynamic with Ron’s innate, masterful abilities assists us greatly in identifying and releasing core patterns the group collective are holding. Which then allows us to move towards more profound levels of self-empowerment, and true authentic self reawakening. This 21-Day Offering is such a Divine Jewel for those who choose to participate.

Thank you, Ron, for your Amazing Abilities, Compassionate Heart and your True Service to Others.

OceAnna Laughing Cloud

Sedona, AZ

Each monthly 21 Day Catalyst session is a powerful opportunity to release limitations and transform your life. Ron is able to work beyond the boundaries of space and time because his voice carries the foundational codes and frequencies for healing, awakening, and change. These unique abilities combined generate an ever-increasing upward movement creating limitless opportunities for Infinite potential to be realized. This program is designed to continually build upon itself each month, creating perpetual momentum for change, growth, and expansion. What Ron sees, feels, clears and instills at a frequency level in participants is always on an upward continuum. Therefore, no two 21 Day Catalysts Meditations are ever alike. Every 21 Day series is unique to the group that is formed, but each month will address the individual make up of the group to move everyone to higher levels of brilliance each and every month. No matter your level of knowledge or experience all are supported in going further. Creating a profound opportunity for growth, and a more complete transformational experience for each individual. Whether you participate live or via the replay, deep and lasting benefits are experienced.



  • All forms of trauma
  • Family Lineage influences
  • Past life influences
  • Limiting and destabilizing patterns
  • Toxins – all forms


  • Create a stable foundation
  • Develop inner confidence
  • Build strength, perseverance, and resilience


  • Embody your limitless nature
  • Become your Infinite-Self as your guidance through life
  • Create the limitless and abundant life you are meant to live

With each monthly cycle, Ron will be offering live Q&A sessions typically held Sundays before the regular 9:00pm session and will be clearly marked in the access document you are provided upon registration. During this time he will be providing more in-depth explanations of what people are going through and why, as well as energetically bringing people deeper into their own personal healing and awakening experience.

Each day Ron will be tapping into the collective dynamics to gain clarity of what all of the participants will need to transform. When he works with a group Ron becomes aware of common core issues, patterns, and programs that operate within the group, presenting as the issue to be cleared and resolved.


21 Day Covers May 2022

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May 1st-21st


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