21 Day Catalyst
An Energetic Healing and Meditation Program


A Frequency Healing Immersion to Awaken & Embody Your Highest Potential Within

Since its inception, the 21 Day Catalyst has evolved to meet the rapidly transforming needs of the awakening and evolving individual and the global human family.

These 21 days are an in-the-moment immersion into the heart and soul of what everyone requires to become healthy and whole, with no two days or months being the same. Each moment we are together, whether it be live or during a replay, Ron focuses on the immediate and long-term requirements for each person. Every immersion begins with the creation of frequency matrices and energy fields for participants to get the most from each day and month. Ron sees where every person and the group is in the moment, and the direction their spirit is inspired to journey. He then sets the foundation of what will be the womb of healing and all creative potential itself, to be realized as is timely for each person.

The purpose of the 21 DC is to create deep and lasting change within the whole person while awakening the individual in all areas of their life. These immersions will support you in aligning with your innate ability to heal and bring forth your most brilliant and abundant life. As this process brings you to higher levels of presence and passion, your life becomes increasingly more expansive, meaningful and abundant.

This program is 21 days of a live, 30-minute frequency healing immersion offered at 7:00 PM AZ MST, accessible via audio webinar and phone throughout the world. During each 30 minute session, Ron will guide you on a deep dive into the transformative energy dynamics of Source Essence, to bring you into a more expanded, detailed and grounded relationship with your body and spirit. Throughout this time Ron will tap into the group energetics and the dynamic as a whole, recognizing core fundamental and foundational areas that need addressing. He then creates a loving and nurturing environment to begin the healing, transformation, and awakening process.


Ron is able to work beyond the boundaries of space and time because his voice, intent and actions carry the fundamental codes and frequencies for healing, awakening, and change. These unique abilities generate an ever-increasing evolutionary momentum to be realized. This program is designed to continually build upon itself each month, creating perpetual momentum for change, growth, and expansion. What Ron sees, feels, clears and instills at a frequency level is always on an upward continuum. Therefore, no two 21 DC immersions are ever alike. Every 21 Day series is unique to the group that is formed, and will address the individual make-up of the group to move everyone to higher levels of brilliance each and every month. No matter your level of knowledge or experience all are supported in going further, as Ron creates a profound opportunity for growth, and a more complete transformational experience for each individual. Whether you participate live or via replay, deep and lasting benefits are experienced.



All forms of unresolved disruptive and destabilizing traumas and events

Unhealthy Family, Social, and Global Lineage influences

Unresolved Past life influences

Limiting and destabilizing patterns, loops and old programming

Toxicity in all forms – physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual



Create a stable foundation on the knowing of yourself being a Spirit having a human experience

Develop true spirit confidence

Activate and embody a clear, resilient, and evolvable relationship between and amongst your Spirit, Body and Mind connection



Embody your eternal & infinite nature

Become your Spirit-Self as your unified will to guide you through life

To create the abundant and impassioned life you are meant to live

At the midpoint of each 21 Day cycle, Ron offers a live 30-minute Q&A immersion for questions submitted by that month’s participants. During this Q&A, you will experience an intimate, in-depth exploration and explanation of what people are experiencing during their 21 DC journey. This frequency immersion will take place 30 minutes before the regularly scheduled session for that day. This is a powerful opportunity to shift to higher levels of awareness to know yourself and experience your life from a place of higher love and compassion.

Each day is as unique as a moment, and it must be supported and addressed as such. With a loving embrace and compassionate heart, Ron honors the journey of the group’s soul and each person’s heart.



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