Ron’s private sessions focus on releasing your core issues at the highest levels. Realigning your blueprint to help bring forth real-world results for you to create the life you are meant to live. Over the years, thousands have connected with Ron via private sessions and events, experiencing amazing results. As his abilities continue to grow, so does his capacity to facilitate and awaken great change in others.

Ron has the powerful and gifted ability to see true and compassionately deep into the heart of a matter, yet expand his awareness to encompass the vast intricacies that hold a restriction in place. His capacity to see into the physical body like a x-ray is unparalleled. Unique to his healing ability is his voice, which is attuned to resonate healing frequencies. Combined with his thoughtful, considerate and deeply unconditionally loving nature, Ron helps you see and find your way forward.

With so many finding his words deeply profound and healing, we encourage people to record their sessions. This will help you reconnect with the timeless moment of your session through which Ron’s insight and your innate healing abilities reside. Clients have found these recordings just as powerful as the session itself. With repeated listening, it will help realign you with your spirit self and your innate ability to heal and awaken.


Private one-on-one sessions with Ron are scheduled through a real human being and not an automated system. That means you can rest assured that someone will take personal care in helping you with questions and finding the best option for your appointment.

Appointments with Ron are conducted through phone, audio web call, Skype or Zoom. Duration options are 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Several recording options are available depending on what arrangement is chosen.

If interested in this opportunity and for current fees, please contact our office for more information and availability.

In-person sessions are only offered during live events at the event location.


Contact Us About Your Private Session

We will email or call you to schedule your session with Ron. If you would rather speak with someone to book your session or have questions about Ron’s private sessions please call the office at 928-821-6332

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