Release Your Core Issues At The Highest Level

Ron’s private sessions focus on releasing your core issues at the highest levels. Realigning your blueprint to help bring forth real world results for you to create the life you are meant to live. Over the years thousands have attended private sessions and events with Ron experiencing amazing results. As his abilities continue to grow so does his capacity to facilitate and awaken great change in others. With so many finding his words deeply profound and healing, we encourage people to record their sessions. This will help you reconnect with the timeless moment of your session through which Ron’s insight and your innate healing abilities reside. Expanding exponentially your ability to awaken your Spirit and realign with Infinite Potential. Clients have found these recordings just as powerful as the session itself. With repeated listening, it will help realign you with your Spirit self and your innate ability to heal and awaken.


I just wanted to thank Ron, his ability to clear out past life, family lineage energy and family miasms is just amazing. I made an appointment with him because I just seemed unable to absorb new information, and studying to pass my real estate exam was becoming impossible. Within two days of our phone session, I am recalling information and passing tests with scores in the 90s and I’m able to sit and study with more focus and attention. It’s such an incredible difference from where I was, and I am forever grateful! So thank you!!! The gifts you share with us are infinitely beneficial!

Jacquelyn Gaudette
Port Charlotte, FL

Ron is an experienced traveler in the world of healing and spirituality. He is immensely encouraging as your collaborator and navigator of this amazing but sometimes overwhelming terrain of awakening. His gifts of vision and exemplary insights facilitates the clearing of emotional patterns, stagnate energy and emotions that no longer serve. What can then unfold as a result of your work with him is the beautiful opening of your higher self, expanding into new experiences of creativity, freedom and the sacredness of self-love.

Jondahl Mott
Glastonbury, CT

Private one-on-one sessions with Ron are primarily done by phone, web call or Zoom and are 30 or 60 minutes long. In-person sessions are offered when he is doing live events at the event location. If interested in this opportunity and for current fees please contact our office for more information and availability.




Contact Us About 

Your Private Session

Ron’s website is currently being updated, if you would like to contact the office about a private session please email us at and send us your name, email address and cell phone#. Please also let us know what country and time zone you are in and what your best days and times are for the session. If you would like to send a brief overview of what your area of focus is feel free to do so. 
We will email or call you to schedule your session with Ron. If you would rather speak with someone to book your session or have questions about Ron’s private sessions please call the office at 860-358-9272.