If you are new to Ron, you may choose from a number of free FHI programs to get started on experiencing the way Ron works. You may connect to those in the Free section, or on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

There are also three on-going programs designed for continual growth and expansion, based on your level of experience with the nature of this work. The 21 Day Catalyst is recommended for all levels and is the foundational core program for those committed to opening their self potential.

You may also wish to explore more targeted FHIs within the areas of global transformation, health and self expression, available in the Topic-Specific FHIs section.

Mastering the New Human Matrix is an ongoing Mastery program that runs three times per year for 10 weeks at a time. There are three sections, Self Mastery, Healing Mastery and Life Mastery and they can be taken in any order. This is a way for someone to go more in depth with Ron’s work once per week, and this is a great program to go back to and re-listen to to gain more of the intricacies and propel yourself further on your spiritual, healing and awakening journey.

Mastery In Motion (MIM) is Ron’s most advanced program; it runs twice per year for five months. It is by application only, and you will need to have worked with Ron in some capacity to be considered.

Please feel free to email the office at info@ron-damico.com with any questions on any of Ron’s programs. We would also be happy to set up a phone meeting for consultation on any of Ron’s offerings that might be right for you at any given time on your journey.

For many years we referred to Ron’s group healing sessions as ‘meditations’, which they can be if you are drawn to use them in that way. We have since changed ‘meditations’ to ‘immersions’, as all you need do is show up with a sincere will to settle into your heart and soul and let the immersion do its work. These immersions are designed to assist your system in aligning with and activating your innate healing potential more powerfully within the group dynamic.

Many people enjoy Ron’s teachings during the immersions, and very rarely is there much silence. The majority is Ron guiding you into higher dimensions and planes of consciousness and teachings to embrace your true nature.

If you lose your focus during an immersion, simply bring yourself back to your breath and tune back in with Ron’s words, as his intent creates the codes for healing which are embedded in his voice and in the frequencies generated for the space.

These immersions support your whole being (mind, body, emotions, and spirit) to align with its innate state of optimal potential, awakening your personal abilities to heal and create a life of well-being. During each immersion, Ron will guide you to a place of focus aligning your intent to support the transformative process. To gain the most from these immersions, it is recommended that you be fully present and in an undistracted state for at least one time listening. After immersing yourself more deeply in the frequencies, you can use the replay at low volume in the background to remind your whole being how to align with its innate potential to be realized.

That’s ok. Each person is different. Not all are designed to sense the transformations as they are happening, and often, Ron is working in realms of exceedingly refined and subtle yet powerful frequency dynamics. The key is having the willingness to be open and receptive to the changes. The depth and essence of what is being transmitted through the immersions are automatically connecting with you at those higher levels that supersede understanding through the conscious mind.

Not to worry. Whether during a live immersion or a replay, falling asleep is your system’s way of integrating the frequency experience at a deep level without the logical mind interfering. You may find that once you are able to listen to the same FHI consciously, you have integrated it as fully as possible at that given time. Then, you may also be guided after some time has passed to revisit the same FHI, as your system is ready to move even deeper with it.

Most people do eventually get to a place where they can stay awake and present during the immersions but it really is just how your whole-being chooses to integrate in these higher codes and frequencies. Some people also choose to stay active (e.g. folding laundry or taking a walk and listening on your headphones) as this is their body’s natural way to process and integrate what is transforming. For most people that work with Ron it is actually a marriage of all three and their system goes where it goes and there is no need for judgment. Fully trusting and knowing that your higher self is guiding your system to take in all that is being shared in the most healthy and effective way for wherever you are on your journey at the present moment.

Yes, the recordings are the same as live participation because their nature is not bound to linear time and space. Even if you were not part of the original live call, you are part of the interconnected whole of life, and the intention for you to benefit is ever-present.

At least half of the people who join Ron’s programs are in different time zones and sleeping or working during the live broadcast. Some people like to listen to the previous days recording upon waking and others before they go to bed or at a time that works for them during the day.

Listening actively or passively on a loop with low volume in the background can be very effective in deepening the benefits. For some people, this is a gentler way of taking in what Ron is saying and letting the higher frequencies in.

The immersions are for your well-being and how you determine your pace is up to you. Follow your guidance on self care and participation. For some, they are guided to pause and take the time to integrate, as sometimes the biology needs to catch up during this time. This ebb and flow between body and spirit is a natural dance in the evolution of awakening. Others are at a time and place on their journey where they are ready to jump in and immerse themselves into Ron’s work. You will know intuitively if his work feels good to you and how much is the next right step for you.

It is about strength in numbers. When two or more individuals come together, what transpires is exponentially amplified by the benevolent and shared intent of the group. This then creates an opening for something beautiful to happen; a cyclical transformation of higher mastery occurs. The individual is propelled further by the power of the group, in turn strengthening and propelling the group even further as a whole. The Universe then honors this choice by recognizing and acknowledging the sincerity to grow and expand, helping you to open further into the memory of your timeless true nature.

Most people that work with Ron will experience symptoms of detox which can present in any number of ways. These releases and detox expressions are your unique process of how you ‘clean up’ in all areas and move to higher levels of efficiency and awaken to your true nature. Symptoms may present as emotional, physical, perceptual, financial and/or relationship transformations.

Rest and self-care during this phase are encouraged, as well as observing what is surfacing while staying as best you can present in your body. Know that whatever you are experiencing is a corrective process. Do your best to let the feelings and emotions rise to the surface and flow through you. Working with Ron in a group or private setting is the ideal time to release all that you have been carrying and what is weighing you down.

Ron is not a doctor and makes no medical claims. Any physical issues that are of concern to you should be brought to your medical advisor.

Please review the Detox & Release Process page for more information.

We ask that you only share certain paid programs with immediate family and committed partnerships living under the same roof (this includes the 21 Day Catalyst, Global Transformation, Core Matrix and the Core Radiance programs). Please note that Ron’s Mastery programs (Mastery In Motion and Mastering the New Human Matrix) are not designed to be shared and we do require that each individual participating purchase their own package.

These programs are designed to provide benefit to anyone and we encourage you to delve deep and share your experiences with others. There is something available for everyone and we have many free offerings that allow people to introduce themselves to Ron’s work.

Please keep in mind that the investment you made was for yourself. Every person is responsible for and capable of committing to their own spiritual growth. Giving program access to others often hampers progress, instead creating a codependent dynamic that is energetically burdensome to you while weakening the spirit-confidence in the other person.

You can help others by being an example. When you transform who you are, this opens the door and awakens the eternal memory in the hearts of others.

Ron’s private sessions focus on releasing your core issues at the highest levels. For information on the type of sessions available with Ron, please visit our Services page. You may email all questions relating to sessions to appts@ron-damico.com.

At the heart and soul of Ron’s offerings is life mentorship. The core of his intent is to support others in embodying their full potential. Therefore, how he brings forth his work can be shaped to mentor the individual in a way that best supports them, embodying their gifts and skills as effectively and efficiently as possible. No matter who you are or what you want for your life, Ron will create a journey of self embodiment to bring into form your deepest yearnings to be lived in all you are and do.

If you still have unanswered questions, we welcome you to contact us at info@Ron-Damico.com