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Sedona | October 5th & 6th, 2024

WeHeal Sedona Retreat

WeHeal Sedona Retreat

with Jenai Lane and Ron Damico

Group Miracle Healing & Awakening Love

October 5th & 6th, 2024

Sedona, AZ

It Has Arrived!



Ron is a Transformational Catalyst, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, and an Architect for the New Human Consciousness. He is a master mentor, teacher, and way shower who has been guiding people from all walks of life and backgrounds through the healing process for nearly two decades.

Sincere and compassionate, Ron uses his own unique form of energetic healing combined with his seasoned medical intuitive abilities to help his clients awaken their innate spirits, so they can meet even the most complex life challenges with strength and courage. He creates a safe, supportive, sacred space in which he uses his gift of intuitive insight to guide his clients through the process of personal transformation and empowerment.

  • Awaken and focus your healing capacity
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Embrace your highest good
  • Live your most authentic, inspired life
  • Embody total wellbeing
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Each age has its own great spiritual teachers and healers, who like custodians of the eternal truths, keep them alive for us. Ron Damico is one such custodian, who through his transformational energy work, operates as a catalyst to open sacred pathways within that lead us back to paradise. As a healer, Ron shines such light, that like a meteor brightening the darkest skies, he arrives as a trailblazer.”

Stewart Pearce

Master of Voice,

Voice Alchemist and Angel Whisperer

London, England


Heal / Transform / Awaken

The purpose of this 21 day program is to create deep and lasting change within the whole person,
while awakening the individual in all areas of their life.

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Life Begins Through an Awakened Spirit. Once You Align With Your Spirit, Everything Is Possible. Please join me on this fantastic, ever-expanding, and evolving journey of personal awakening.

Your Holographic Blueprint & Full Potential

Beyond this world of physical matter and linear reality, there exists a holographic blueprint which holds the programming and potential for all manifested form. All energy systems are founded in this non-linear matrix of energy vibration.

Ron’s gift is to tap into sub-level energetic frequencies, and literally re-engineer every aspect of being, mind, body, and spirit. He helps both individuals and groups tap into the higher self, allowing it to remember who it truly is, re-engage its natural operational parameters, express itself wholly, and function at its fullest, peak potential.

Energy is untangled and rewired at the DNA level, and patterns and issues which no longer serve are healed on the etheric, spiritual, and physical levels.

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