Ron Damico is a Transformational Catalyst, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide, helping each of his clients to release long-held energetic blockages that interfere with their ability to live the life they truly want to live. In this Ron is a highly skilled mentor and teacher who facilitates healing by guiding his clients through their own unique process, helping them to awaken their innate spirit, in turn tapping into the limitless power and potential of the Source energy that transforms their life.

Ron is sincere and compassionate and using his gift of intuitive insight, together with his unique form of energetic healing, to help you resolve even the most complex life experience. This means you will free yourself from past trauma, refocus your energies, and step into your fullest potential.

Ron Damico has helped people from all walks of life and backgrounds to heal over three decades. He assists his clients in meeting life challenges with strength and courage. He creates a safe and supportive environment for transformation, and he holds a sacred space for you while guiding you through the process of removing the obstacles that are impeding your life.

“Each age has it own great spiritual teachers and healers, who like custodians of the eternal truths, keep them alive for us. Ron Damico is one such custodian, who through his transformational energy work, operates as a catalyst to open sacred pathways within that lead us back to paradise. As a healer, Ron shines such light, that like a meteor brightening the darkest skies, he arrives as a trailblazer.”

Stewart Pearce
Master of Voice, Voice Alchemist and Angel Whisperer
London, England

Life Begins Through an Awakened Spirit.
Once You Align with Your Spirit, Everything Is Possible.

Please join me on this fantastic, ever-expanding and evolving journey of personal awakening.


Ron has always had an awareness of the subtle energies that lie at the foundation of reality. Our emotions, feelings, and thoughts affect the energetic resonance of our lives, and it is essential to our growth, and self-actualization that we release disharmony in our energy fields, correct imbalances in our physical bodies, and refocus our energies to a heart-centered state of being. With Ron’s rare and distinctive energetic support system, we can engage with both the light and darkness that lie deep in our consciousness, we can shift our energy to heal old wounds and unresolved pain, open our hearts, and reclaim our oneness with the divine.

When Ron works with you, he uses his voice, presence and consciousness to activate and transfer the frequencies to awaken your pure essence. His energy and awareness are imbued with Pure Source Codes, which Ron uses to activate your own capacity to heal. In other words, he is able to access all of the frequency blueprints in the matrix of creation, on the celestial, etheric, astral, spiritual, and physical planes. By reading the spiritual and physical imbalances of the individual and by assessing the transition point from the subtle spiritual body to the physical body, he can establish where core imbalances exist. He then activates a higher degree of the awakened Spirit and heals the channels through which Spirit-energy transitions into and through your human form. The result is healing on the etheric, spiritual, and physical levels.

While Ron’s focus can be helping you with the physical challenges in your life, he also gets to the source of your issues and imbalances, helping your Spirit and body to remember their innate programming so that you can awaken your own healing abilities. Ron creates a clear, steadfast, sacred space grounded in love, kindness, grace, and wisdom, and provides you with empowering energetic tools for letting go of things that no longer serve your highest good. By harmonizing the life force vibrations in your spiritual and human forms, Ron helps you to discover that you are already wired to heal.

Remember, when you heal yourself, you can heal the world. Are you ready to awaken and focus your healing capacity, ignite your creativity, embrace your highest good, and live your best possible life? Ron invites you on a blessed journey to total wellbeing—his healing gifts and abilities will expand, enlighten, and empower you. We welcome you to connect with Ron today.

“Every aspect of my life, personally and professionally is richer, deeper and more fulfilling as a direct result of my work with Ron. The level of pure personal presence Ron brings to each moment is truly unique.

I feel like I am growing spiritually and am part of a group that is truly contributing to the healing of our world… and it keeps getting better.”

MA, CAGS, LPC, Cert. Master Hypnotherapist
Belmont, MA

“Ron emanates a warm, loving safe space that is palpable just by being in his presence. A wonderful space to be in while receiving unconditional love, patience and acceptance. This gifts us the opportunity to be vulnerable enough to open unyielding pathways deep within ourselves as old emotions and patterns succumb to the light to be healed…”

Boulder County, Colorado

Daniela Mannucci

“My experience of working with Ron both personally and at a group level is that he reads and sees with an extraordinary surgical like precision exactly what is infecting and affecting you so he can delete it at the only level that counts and where real and genuine change happens; at the Spirit level…”

Brescia, Italy

“Ron is the Powerhouse of Change.
In a short 3 months of collaborating with Ron I became MORE of my own person and I finally quit searching outside of myself for anything”


“Ron’s healing of my body, mind, and spirit has created a life of Joy and Serenity. I am so very blessed to have Ron’s support in my life and with this awakening journey. It’s never too late to start yours! “


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