Healing from the Effects of Epstein Barr & More


Healing from the Effects of Epstein Barr & More
Price: $33.00
Dates: Sunday, December 3rd
Start Time: 8:00 AM MT
Length: 60 Minutes

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Epstein-Barr virus is one of the most common human viruses in the world, and it has become a troublesome virus for humanity with currently no known medical cure. This virus likely affects a significant percentage of the population, creating various levels of exhaustion and increased stress on multiple body systems and emotional well-being. EBV can also impact the immune and organ systems and their ability to balance your body, mind, emotions, and energy systems, which can profoundly affect your quality of life.

To make this experience as expansive as possible, Ron will address the core energy that creates all viruses. He will begin by addressing stress levels, energetic and emotional imbalances, and the virus frequencies, which creates an opportunity for the body to release the virus and its associated issues and imbalances.

In this Core Health healing immersion, Ron will focus on:

• Clearing imbalances and weaknesses within the mind, body, energetics, and emotions.

• Strengthening your immune system at the physical level and your energetic immune capacities.

• Clearing family lineage and its influences that create a weak immune system.

• Bringing into balance your conscious and unconscious relationship with your Spirit, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

• Improving and expanding your connection with Source Consciousness.

• Guiding you into the felt awareness of your true heart-centered power and alignment and how to maintain this center of balance.

Join Ron for a highly transformative journey into the heart and soul of your true power and ability to maintain a balance of Spirit, mind, body, and emotions. Creating a healthier you makes you more resistant to other viruses and bacteria and more resilient if exposed to pathogenic influences. This healing immersion will bring about an inner environment supportive of a more well rounded life of health and well-being as a way of life.