Core Matrix Series
A Spiritual Awakening Program


The Core Matrix Series is a monthly offering developed to support key areas of challenge, facilitate transformation and clear the core programming that creates the patterns of imbalance within a persons body and life. This program is designed to address the origins of an issue and how it presents through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas. Through awakening the Spirit, the whole of the person is brought back into alignment with their original programming which increases the potential for optimized health and function. The topic of each event is chosen based on patterns Ron observes in both his private practice, group work as well as what is being discussed in mainstream culture.


Ron is able to work beyond the boundaries of space and time because his voice carries the foundational codes and frequencies for healing, awakening, and change. These unique abilities combined generate an ever-increasing upward movement creating limitless opportunities for infinite potential to be realized.

With the replays being of such great benefit, it is recommended you download the recording and play them with some regularity through active and or passive listening as this will facilitate maximum benefit from each program. This can be done by playing them at low volume in a loop in the background throughout the day or while sleeping.

Get to the core programming creating the patterns of