Ron’s Client Testimonials

Ron’s healing of my body, mind, and spirit has created a life of Joy and Serenity.

I really had no idea that my life could ever change for the better. It all began back in the year 2012, when I had been to one of Ron’s workshops. I have been working with Ron ever since and my life has never been the same. My time has been well spent in private sessions, group workshops and Ron’s webinars. With a trusting heart, I opened myself up to Ron’s intuitive guidance to help me shift old patterns of behavior. No longer do I feel lost in and influenced by my emotions. I now have the comfort of feeling peace deep within throughout my daily life. My relationship with friends, family, co-workers and with everyone I interacted with has changed for the better.

I no longer feel the anxiety that came with not knowing how to be in this world. Ron has always been clear and honest with his words and intuitive support. Being bold and open to Ron’s energetic “magic” has provided an opportunity for personal healing and growth. Ron’s healing of my body, mind, and spirit has created a life of Joy and Serenity. I am so very blessed to have Ron’s support in my life and with this awakening journey. It’s never too late to start yours!

Francis White

He reads and sees with an extraordinary surgical like precision exactly what is infecting and affecting you

Ron has personally helped me within a group setting and one-on-one work to let go of my blockages and delete what was binding and restricting me to the awakening of my highest potential and abundant Spirit Self.

I found Ron to be as deeply dedicated to my awakening as he is sincere, humble, and very precise in unearthing those exact patterns that were keeping me stuck.

My experience of working with Ron both personally and at a group level is that he reads and sees with an extraordinary surgical like precision exactly what is infecting and affecting you so he can delete it at the only level that counts and where real and genuine change happens; at the Spirit level.

What has been so incredible for me since working with Ron, is that I feel this excitement because I have finally understood that I am my own answer – my own awakening will fill in the holes of whatever seems to be missing and not working in my life. I never have to go looking outside of myself to someone or something else to fill a void or to find solutions.

If you are truly ready to open up to this level of healing and awakening, then Ron is the being who will help you get there. He helped me to let go of the distorted lenses from which I had been living, seeing and perceiving myself. What could be more profound and sublime than that? He is a gift for those of us who are ready.

Daniela Mannucci
Brescia, Italy

I am proud to call Ron my Healer, teacher and friend

“I am proud to call Ron my Healer, teacher and friend. He has given so much of himself not only to me but to everyone he touches.

His TGH, Core Matrix, and 21 Day Catalyst series are of incredibly great value to me. I feel a deeper understanding of spirit, my authentic self and my relationships with everyone around me. As I have changed, I have watched my family change as well. I have come to realize that this process is not just about me but about all of life. As I see differently, others around me also change not because of what I say but because of who I am. My deepest gratitude to Ron, thank you.”

Theresa Contaxis
East Otis, MA

He is immensely encouraging as your collaborator and navigator

“Ron is an experienced traveler in the world of healing and spirituality. He is immensely encouraging as your collaborator and navigator of this amazing but sometimes overwhelming terrain of awakening. His gifts of vision and exemplary insights facilitates the clearing of emotional patterns, stagnate energy and emotions that no longer serve. What can then unfold as a result of your work with him is the beautiful opening of your higher self, expanding into new experiences of creativity, freedom and the sacredness of self-love.”

Jondahl Mott
Glastonbury, CT

He’s been my saving grace

“Meeting Ron several years ago has been nothing short of a Miracle!

The first session I booked with Ron was over the phone and it was a doozy! Initially, when I scheduled the session, I had nothing in particular that was up, however, Spirit had other plans. The day before the session I had interacted with an ingredient in our laboratory that gave me such a severe reaction I could hardly talk. The ingredient had affected my throat and thyroid area and inflamed it so radically I was grateful to have an opportunity to work with Ron to resolve it. Within the session, the inflammation had subsided at least 90% and my ability to speak and breathe properly had returned. Amazing experience and I joked with him that I must have wanted to put his abilities to the test!

Ever since then life in my world has taken many twists and turns …all of which have been rather out of the box and downright crazy, which continually put Ron’s healing mastery front and center. He has an A+ Rating in my book!

Personally, he’s been my saving grace. Truly gifted and so well versed in body mechanics and Source Energies, that it’s such a joy to witness his continued Spiritual Growth and tireless practice of assisting and supporting others on their journey to re-Awakening.

Cannot thank you enough Ron for the Divine Blessing you are in my life. Love you Ron!”

OceAnna Laughing Cloud
Sedona, AZ

Every aspect of my life, personally and professionally is richer, deeper and more fulfilling

“Every aspect of my life, personally and professionally is richer, deeper and more fulfilling as a direct result of my work with Ron. The level of pure personal presence Ron brings to each moment is truly unique.

I feel like I am growing spiritually and am part of a group that is truly contributing to the healing of our world… and it keeps getting better.”

Barbara Johnson
MA, CAGS, LPC, Cert. Master Hypnotherapist
Belmont, MA

It is the most powerful healing, spiritual, energetic work I know

“Ron’s personal and advanced student/mentoring work is for sincere individuals who are truly committed to their spiritual and karmic advancement. It is the most powerful healing, spiritual, energetic work I know and I have traveled the globe and trained with the best energy healers, shamans, and teachers. What I find so amazing about Ron is his humility, deep wisdom and profound compassion – a compassion that transcends even him at times. A healer and teacher committed to his own continuous improvement, who does not hesitate to share his new insights from his own deep and burgeoning knowledge week after week, in every session, event and workshop. If you are considering working with him, sign up and don’t hesitate and know that he is the real deal!”

Tunisia, North Africa

The personal growth I have undergone is almost indescribable

“Throughout the time I have been working with Ron the personal growth I have undergone is almost indescribable. In short, he has helped me to explore and understand parts of myself that were previously obscured, which in turn has transformed every relationship I have, with myself, others, and the world around me. Perhaps what I appreciate most about Ron is his honesty and sense of humor. He shines a loving light on the things I often ignore and ways of living that are not in alignment with who I am. Because he is always completely without judgment, I am often left laughing at myself, rather than feeling defensive and critical of myself. In this way he has helped me break free of ways of being that no longer serve me. I now have confidence in myself and my decisions that would have been unfathomable to me before, yet still knowing there is unlimited room for growth. Change has become an exciting part of life, rather than a daunting task. Slowly, patiently, and sometimes painfully, I have learned that everything I need to become my truest self is within me, and I am truly grateful to be able to learn from someone as accepting, honest and compassionate as Ron.”

Kerri Costello
Brooks, Minnesota

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Ron as it is truly life-changing

“I’ve been on the path of personal growth for decades having tried everything from traditional counseling to past-life regression, from yoga to chanting, from organic foods to herbs…you name it and I’ve tried it. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Ron that my transformative work began. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Ron as it is truly life-changing.”

Phoenix, AZ

Doing Ron’s programs (TGH’s and The 21 Day Catalyst) have completely changed my life and how I see and view everything

“Working with Ron has been transforming for me in so many ways.

I really saw the changes recently as I make an annual yoga retreat for the last several years and as I make the 2 1/2 hour drive up into the mountains I’m always so tense and can never relax until a few days into the retreat. I know working with Ron for this past year that things were changing, but I did not fully understand how truly deep what was happening to me on a spiritual and emotional level, or how profound the healing went until I realized how completely different this trip to my yoga retreat was this year. I was so relaxed on the drive down and I was able to take in the retreat and the people more fully and just go to higher and deeper levels of taking in the beauty of the moments in front of me. I had so many awakenings while I was there and I realized that a year earlier I had just been so nervous and continually trying to calm myself down enough to take in any of it. I look back over the last year, and the changes have been amazing. I now understand what he means when he says there are old stuck layers of patterning to be removed and it doesn’t always happen overnight. Each class or healing meditation removed layers piece by piece until a new more whole, and authentic me came forward. I was even contemplating taking meds for anxiety and depression a year ago and now I realize something like that will never be part of my life again. Doing Ron’s programs (TGH’s and The 21 Day Catalyst) have completely changed my life and how I see and view everything. Thank you, Ron, truly amazing.”

San Rafael, CA

Personal Development

“If you really care about personal development, living a more authentic, fulfilled life, and exploring your full potential, you could not find a better person to assist you on that journey than Ron. I have been on the spiritual path for a long time and even practiced frequency work for many years, and in my humble opinion, there is no one more capable and effective than Ron Damico. I encourage everyone to try his monthly 21 Day Catalyst program because there is nothing like it. I honestly don’t believe that a more profound and fundamental change is possible as with Ron and I feel blessed having discovered him.”

Sascha from Germany

Omg Ron!

Omg Ron! My tinnitus in my left ear dropped 85% since our session yesterday. When I woke up this morning I was completely shocked. Hearing is still the same, but the fact that the white noise in my ear is drastically reduced is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so very much. Gratefully,

Ron S.

Ron is the Powerhouse of Change

Ron is the Powerhouse of Change. If you want to blast through and clear the hell and brimstone out of your life, then Ron is the powerful healer you need. Best decision of 2019 was working with Ron one on one, in private group sessions, the 21 Day Catalyst Meditation and purchasing past recordings. Being part of Self Mastery Accelerated Quantum Healing has also been the best decision of 2019.

I finally put an END to being a victim at every level within myself and reclaimed MYSELF in totality of past abuse that has plagued me since birth. In a short 3 months of collaborating with Ron I became MORE of my own person and I finally quit searching outside of myself for anything. The game changer has been becoming my own GURU/GUIDE.

Rose G

One of the Best Sessions of My Life

One of the Best sessions of my life! For the first time I feel so super graceful and grounded around my family. Tears of joy and appreciation are flowing. My heart is beating with joy and gratitude!

I send my overflowing love to you for the work you do here. I love you! Thank you!!!

Amrit Kaur
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Focuses on a higher, more expanded way of seeing things

“Of all of Ron’s programming his TGH’s are my favorite. I love the openings that occur, the spiritual breadth of subject matter that is birthed and how naturally the topic at hand can morph and flow into whatever is needed in the group dynamic. He always focuses on a higher, more expanded way of seeing things which opens up so many doors that I couldn’t have imagined existed. If you crave higher level spiritual and life topics, this is an event I can’t recommend enough. He is a true gift to the world.”

Diane A.
Bali, Indonesia

An amazing exploration on so many levels

“Ron’s 21-Day Catalyst Program, thus far, for me personally, has been an amazing exploration on so many levels. Truly a Blessing of Exponential Proportions!

First off, the group energies are so powerful, …so coupling the group dynamic with Ron’s innate, masterful abilities assists us greatly in identifying and releasing core patterns the group collective are holding. Which then allows us to move towards more profound levels of self-empowerment, and true authentic self reawakening. This 21-Day Offering is such a Divine Jewel for those who choose to participate.

Thank you, Ron, for your Amazing Abilities, Compassionate Heart and your True Service to Others.”

OceAnna Laughing Cloud
Sedona, AZ

I can feel the Divine love flowing through Ron

“A friend of mine told me about Ron, and the first thing I said after my first session, was, ‘Wow! He accurately identified my issues, physical, emotional, and spiritual, before I even mentioned them, with such incredibly specific details that I’m blown away!’ The second thing I said was, ‘I can feel the Divine love flowing through Ron. I feel like he genuinely cares about me as an individual person.’

Having a healing session to speak with Ron is such a gift. He has such an incredible command of language that he can describe everything he is seeing and working on which helps me understand at a deeper level.

Ron has been able to identify issues and patterns that I always knew were there but could never fully articulate or completely heal despite years of working on myself and with other healers. Working with Ron, I can literally feel all of these things changing, and I am seeing the physical changes in myself and in my life, and it’s beyond amazing! Working with Ron feels like working with Divine lightening that helps you transform while gently healing you with loving care.”

Los Angeles, CA

Far more intricate and advanced than anyone or anything I have worked with before

“All I can say is WOW, these Core Matrix programs are pinpointed, in-depth and work at a body, mind and spirit level that is far more intricate and advanced than anyone or anything I have worked with before. I was still feeling the effects weeks later… Ron’s gifts for distant healing with an entire group of people are profound.”


His ability to clear out past life, family lineage energy and family miasms is just amazing

“I just wanted to thank Ron, his ability to clear out past life, family lineage energy and family miasms is just amazing. I made an appointment with him because I just seemed unable to absorb new information, and studying to pass my real estate exam was becoming impossible. Within two days of our phone session, I am recalling information and passing tests with scores in the 90s and I’m able to sit and study with more focus and attention. It’s such an incredible difference from where I was, and I am forever grateful! So thank you!!! The gifts you share with us are infinitely beneficial!”

Jacquelyn Gaudette
Port Charlotte, FL

Choosing your healing programs has been profoundly expansive and helped me in ways I didn’t know was possible

“Thank you again for this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the Core Matrix and Radiance series. I don’t think I would’ve had the strength and grounding in myself to make this kind of a transition without these programs. I take a deep breath and journey forward and into what feels right and next for myself and choosing your healing programs has been profoundly expansive and helped me in ways I didn’t know was possible.”

Aurora, CO

You are an amazing being, who has touched my life and changed it forever

“Ron emanates a warm, loving safe space that is palpable just by being in his presence. A wonderful space to be in while receiving unconditional love, patience and acceptance. This gifts us the opportunity to be vulnerable enough to open unyielding pathways deep within ourselves as old emotions and patterns succumb to the light to be healed.

I have felt his abilities of healing support become deeper and more vast, yet explicit and simple, as he brings all that is out of balance…into balance. Working with Ron these past years has been remarkable. He has supported me from my darkest days to the present. With his willingness to embody what he brings forth it has made it possible for me to continually morph and change into more of my core truth as well.

It’s been over a year now that Ron has been mentoring me as I unfold into becoming a healing practitioner. Thank you Ron for everything. You are an amazing being, who has touched my life and changed it forever.

… I am eternally grateful…”

Jacqueline Cone
Boulder County, Colorado

Providing the space and time to help us all grow into higher states of consciousness!

“I started working with Ron right after I received my cancer diagnosis. The first time I heard Ron’s voice, I knew that the work we’d do together could possibly save my life. Ron tunes in immediately and each session helped my body shift, release and adjust and heal through the treatments and surgery. I also love Ron’s Thursday night Transformational Group Healing webinars, because I can replay the healing meditations and classes over and over. I find them deeply supportive and healing. A heartfelt thank you to Ron, for providing the space and time to help us all grow into higher states of consciousness!”

Denise Burke
Newbury Park, CA

Dragons and Angels

I just want to say how much I am in change already with the Dragons and the Angels working thru us this month. It has been a deep and healing experience this time for me. I have Dragon cards and this just amped them up. So I will get some guidance also from them. The day 5 was particularly powerful as you worked on our spines and pranic chords.
So thank you very much for the service you are doing and opening us all and me up!
In The Light ,

Kathy E.

The more I worked with Ron the more I knew I wanted to move beyond just healing my body

“In the hopes of finding a more comprehensive solution for my medical issues, I began to explore beyond western medicine. I knew I needed to be proactive and get a handle on the root of the problem and not just reactive in treating my symptoms in order to be truly healed. Life continued to throw hardballs my way, full of stress, anxiety, and loss, all wreaking havoc on my overall well-being. I was compelled to seek another path that would meet my physical needs as well as my emotional and spiritual needs.

I was introduced to Ron through a friend. On our first meeting, I felt at ease, comfortable, and most of all validated. Ron helped me to shift through my own distortions that included family patterns and social constraints, enabling me to have a better understanding of how I reached this point in my life, and what I needed to do to move through it.

I always leave Ron’s with an uplifted feeling, and that I was moving in the right direction. I’ve felt the progress in the release of my physical ailments to a lesser intensity and frequency – I’m experiencing more grounded days and an overwhelming feeling of stability, and well-being. It was the sustainability that I needed to acquire. My monthly sessions expanded to weekly online Group Healing and then his ultimate 21 Day Catalyst. The more I worked with Ron the more I knew I wanted to move beyond just healing my body, I strived for a full awakening of my spirit.

I still have my moments and bumps along this road that we call life, but I know that Ron is always there as my lifeline for encouragement, validation, support, and movement toward the next level of reaching my ultimate authentic self.

I’m forever grateful.”

Lynda Patrick
Shelton, CT

Ron has been my ally through my struggle

“Ron has been my ally through my struggle with intense health issues that left me bedridden for over a year. Ron has a way of both captivating and delivering sublime healing. Today I’m not bedridden anymore and am able to continue life once again. Working with Ron was the most enlightening experience I have ever had, and I’m sure it will be the same for everyone who comes in contact with him as well!”

Vincent van Agtmaal
Brussels, Belgium

Completed Another 21 Day Catalyst

Dear Ron and Angela,

After completing another 21 Day with you, I am honestly just lost for words. To say I loved it is an understatement. Joining you on this journey has changed my life and I’m loving living me. I’m always in awe of your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much love to you both,

Tracy G.♥ ♥
South Africa

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