Ron Damico is a compassionate professional with the gift of intuitive insight. He offers programs and meditation sessions, where he effectively guides individuals in the process of healing so they can face life challenges with strength and courage. He also accepts speaking engagements. Check out this calendar to be updated with his upcoming events.

September 21 Day Catalyst

Online Event

No matter where you are in the world, September marks the beginning of our earth plane seasonal transition and our alignment with our innate rhythms and cycles. Therefore, it is…

Early Bird Special! Igniting Your Eternal Flame Retreat

Online Event

If you are ready to use this unprecedented time in history to catapult you into the next wave of higher consciousness, then please join Ron for the Igniting your Eternal Flame weekend retreat. Since the first of this year, Ron’s abilities to work with the human blueprint and all its potential have been on a…

Get Tickets $550.00 – $1050.00