Ron Damico is a compassionate professional with the gift of intuitive insight. He offers programs and meditation sessions, where he effectively guides individuals in the process of healing so they can face life challenges with strength and courage. He also accepts speaking engagements. Check out this calendar to be updated with his upcoming events.

Mastery In Motion (Advanced Program)

Online Event

Mastery in Motion (MIM) is an epic journey of awakening, transcendence, and exponential growth. It is an opportunity to step into your true passion for life while helping shift the direction of global consciousness. This is an advanced evolutionary offering created for those of you who have chosen to make the awakening and healing journey…

October 21 Day Catalyst – The Kaleidoscope of Creation

Online Event

October's 21 Day Catalyst will be focused on embodying the essence of the Kaleidoscope of Creation. The kaleidoscope is a metaphor to explore and live our unique creative process. With each turn of the lens and the light available in each moment, they create and express something new and precious to behold. These visions of…

Mastering The New Human Matrix – Fall: Life Mastery

Online Event

Humanity has turned a corner. Our higher self has chosen to shift from surviving the physical world to thriving in total being. We are now aligning with our highest truths and spiritual guidance to create a new world. Now is the turning point, a time for Mastering the New Human Matrix. Within this program is…

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