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{ Mastery In Motion }



an epic journey

of awakening, transcendence,
& exponential growth



MIM begins the journey of the embodied You

*** Accepting New Applications for Spring/Summer Program ***

We are at the beginning of
the end of a cycle of outdated unconsciousness.

As universal waves of change move through our planet, we are being brought to a new state of being. Now is the time to harness the potential of our passionate dreams, courageously look to the heaven within, embrace our origins, and surrender to the Essence of God/Source as our home. We are at a point in human evolution where enough seekers are choosing a higher level of consciousness and embodiment that our individual and collective presence is progressively changing the face of humanity for the better. We will no longer be able to hold on to past ways or halt the course of our evolutionary journey to become. Our intent and actions breathe our dreams into form from the heart of our souls. As we create the world from our soul's passion, our bodies become amazing gifts for living, breathing, and expressing our infinite potential.

Mastery in Motion is an epic journey of awakening, transcendence, and exponential growth. It is an opportunity to step into your true passion for life while helping shift the direction of global consciousness. MIM is designed to be Ron's most advanced and evolutionary offering created for those of you who have chosen to make the awakening and healing journey the center point of your life. This program will bring you into a deeper awareness of who you truly are, align you with the essence of your vast nature, and connect you to the highest consciousness of all living beings.




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was created for those who have chosen
to make the awakening & healing journey
the center point of their life






sm_m ron damico mastery in motion copy

was created for
those who have chosen
to make the awakening
& healing journey
the center point
of their life





To attain truth as your way of being, we will be entering the core of all unresolved experiences and freeing you from limitations and the separation they create, thereby accessing your power to return to your true self.

During the program, Ron will be clearing false patterns of perception given to you by family, society, and the systems that run the world in which we live. As you take this journey, you will gain deep insight and clarity in trusting your spirit nature above all else. MIM will bring about a way of being that will anchor you into the power of your raw passion.

You will be aligned with the inner knowing that all life is an active inter-connective weave of the essence of life and how to embrace the ability to use this truth as a way to become and stay integral, heal, and evolve. By its very nature, this program will increase your frequencies to draw into your life the ability to create a life of limitless possibilities into form with passion and joy.

You will be guided into a deeper connection with your true self to help you become aware of your strengths and imbalances, what influences them, and how to navigate life's experiences. You will gain clarity on who you truly are and who you are capable of becoming. As you open to true spirit confidence, you will begin to know the gift of surrender and honor your journey of discovery, awakening, embodiment, and more. You will begin to not only see life as a gift but as something to be cherished, all while laying a foundation for the birth of your new self.

Mastery In Motion

The Mastery In Motion program is the best of both worlds. It has the specificity of a private session but embraces the power of group dynamics. MIM is your own personal and spiritual odyssey that will bring you as far and as high as your commitment, participation, and your creative nature can take you. Ron has led thousands of journeymen on this voyage, helping them enter into their spirits, passion, and will to bring the essence of Pure Source into their highest greatest potential.

This program is the next step above Ron's Mastering The New Human Matrix Series because of the self-awareness each of you will bring into it. You will be honing your ability to ground your spiritual maturity, confidence, and passion for becoming all you can be without excuse or limitations.

Ron is a master teacher, guide, and healer who has embodied the essence of these qualities. This is not just what he does but how he navigates through his daily life and who he has become.

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Find and embody your true essence while becoming a vehicle for change as humanity begins to fulfill its highest potential.

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*** Accepting New Applications for Spring/Summer Program ***