Throughout the years Ron has found that as people go through any form of healing or transformational process a natural state of 'release or detox' occurs. Just as the human body goes through its daily detoxification to release general waste from life processes and general environmental exposure, so too does healing and awakening require a process of detoxification. As we realize that we are Spirit and energy first, and matter second, it is easier to understand, and embrace, that the body, mind, spirit, and emotions will go through a release process as well.

Most people that work with Ron will experience symptoms of detox which can present in any number of ways. These releases are your unique process of how you 'clean up' in all areas and move to higher levels of efficiency and awaken to your true nature. Symptoms may present as emotional, physical, financial and/or relationship transformations. What no longer aligns with you, progressively falls away to make room for people, jobs, opportunities and environments that support a higher way of living for you and all you hold dear.

The detox/release process is unique to each person. The releases can be:

  • Emotional - ranging from fear, worry, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, upset, guilt, shame, doubt, insecurity, etc. It all depends on what the person has been holding and how it is layered in your system.
  • Mental - various thoughts, memories, dreams, fantasies/movies, confusion, fogginess, decreased motivation, difficulty concentrating, etc.
  • Biological - the releasing of cellular memory and deeply conditioned beliefs within your biology can take the form of increased pain and discomfort as they exit. You are advised to seek or consult your medical advisor when you feel necessary.
  • Spirit/Energetic - as the makeup of the Spirit aligns with its core programming, all of the physical and non-physical energy systems will begin to come into alignment, and a higher level of operational efficiency will occur.

As uncomfortable as this phase may be, it is actually a marker of real spiritual progress and rejuvenation. So be compassionate with yourself, but also take control. As the slate is being wiped clean, your perception of what is happening is a powerful friend or foe during this process.

Knowing that whatever does not serve you is falling away, it is the perfect time to strengthen and not give in to old thoughts and behaviors. You may choose new ones that encourage your growth. You may choose to embrace this as the opportunity to further commit to your Self, with the willingness to do what it takes to see your progress through to the other side, and reveal what your Spirit has in store for you.

With time your relationship with this corrective and supportive process gets more manageable and less stressful. During this period of transition, give yourself the time, space and nurturing that you require to help you through this process and remember, you are not alone. You are accompanied by all who have chosen to incarnate, and no matter where each is on their journey, may you be encouraged by the purity and strength of the whole, and the honoring that is calling you home to your Universal Self.

Just as the human body goes through its daily detox process to release general waste from living, it also goes through a release of any environmental, chemical and daily living clearing.

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