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The Journey We offer 3 programs for those committed to continuous growth.

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21 Day Catalyst

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The purpose of the 21 Day Catalyst is to create deep and lasting change within the whole person while awakening the individual in all areas of their life.

• 21 consecutive days
• 30 minutes each day
• repeats every month


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The New Human Matrix

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The New Human Matrix has been designed to support our rapidly changing times, to meet the needs of humanity and its pull to change. Through embodiment, you will be catapulted into the next wave of higher consciousness and awakening to your highest potential.

• 10 week intensive
• 90 minutes each week
• repeats 2-3 times per year

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Mastery In Motion

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Mastery in Motion is an epic journey of awakening, transcendence, and exponential growth. It is an opportunity to step into your true passion for life while helping shift the direction of global consciousness.

• 5 month immersion
• connect weekly
• bi-monthly roundtable

• repeats 2 times per year

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April 21 Day Catalyst

21 Day Catalyst – You Are Creation Itself

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The New Human Matrix – Winter: Self Mastery
February 19th – April 30th, 2023


Mastery In Motion
January 8th-May 28th


21 Day Covers MARCH 23

March 21 Day Catalyst – Compassion and Forgiveness

21 Day FEB 23 Product

21 Day Catalyst – The 5D Heart Expansion

21 Day Covers JAN 23

21 Day Catalyst – The 5D Total Human Transformation

21 Day Covers DEC 2022

21 Day Catalyst
The Cosmic Breath

21 Day Covers Nov 22

21 Day Catalyst
The Next Evolution of Lemurian Consciousness

21 Day Covers Oct 2022

21 Day Catalyst
The Kaleidoscope of Creation

21 Day Covers Sept 2022

21 Day Catalyst
The Zero-Point Field

21 Day Covers August 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Living the Love & Truth of Lemurian Consciousness

21 Day Covers July 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Awakening as the New Human

21 Day Covers June 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Power of the Dragon Realm

21 Day Covers May 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Spirit Confidence

21 Day Covers April 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Living as Peace, Love, Joy

21 Day Covers March 2022

21 Day Catalyst
Awakening the Christ Consciousness Within

21 Day Covers Jan

21 Day Catalyst
Awakening Your True Heart Frequency

21 Day Covers Dec

21 Day Catalyst
Activating the Alchemy of Life

21 Day Covers Dec copy

21 Day Catalyst
Angels and Cosmic Nature

21 Day Covers Nov

21 Day Catalyst
The Cosmos Within You

21 Day Covers Oct

21 Day Catalyst
Masters of Light and Dark

21 Day Covers September21 copy

21 Day Catalyst
The Elementals

21 Day Covers August21

21 Day Catalyst
Dolphins and Whales

21 Day Catalyst July

21 Day Catalyst
The Point of No Return

21 Day Covers June21

21 Day Catalyst
The Beauty & Magic of the Cosmos