Healing Our Central Nervous System: Your Super Highway


Healing Our Central Nervous System: Your Super Highway
Price: $33.00
Dates: Sunday, November 19th
Start Time: 5:30 PM MT
Length: 60 Minutes

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Our central nervous system is the information super highway of your physical and etheric bodies and the exchange of information between them. It brings all this information together, interprets, coordinates, and transmits it to all that is you as a spirit having a physical experience. It also plays a vital role in your overall well-being at the mental, emotional, and physical body levels.

However, if you are living an imbalanced life and your mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spirit bodies are not synchronized, the CNS becomes overwhelmed with survival-based thoughts and actions. Which often leads to irritation and exhaustion, leaving you with little energy to live a fulfilled and thriving life. We are also in the midst of a rapid evolution of consciousness, stretching us to know ourselves as more than just a body, but to embrace that we are far more.

During this Healing Immersion, Ron will be guiding you into:

•Healing your imbalances within the CNS.

•The healing of lifetimes and lineages of incomplete experiences.

•Feeling the differences and relationship of the mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and physical bodies (essential bodies).

•Creating a healthy connection and synchronization of these essential bodies.

•Gaining clarity of how these essential bodies operate individually and together.

•Upgrading the CNS to meet and support your growth and evolution into a multidimensional being living in a physical world.

•Your innate ability to access the higher energies that are you and how to bring them more fully into the creation of your life.

Join Ron on this journey of evolving your CNS to support healing, awakening, and your evolution into the next form of human health, well-being, and living. You will feel more alive and vital as you transform your body to support a life of higher connection and consciousness. Touching the essence of Source frees your energy to create a life expressive of a soul-centered way of living.

This healing immersion will have both video and audio options on Zoom as we know many people have requested being able to see Ron during the live event and after. Both video and audio files will be available for downloadable replays after the live airing.