November 21 DC: The Universal, Earth, and Lemurian Elementals


Dates: November 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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This months 21 Day Catalyst will be centered on the Universal, Earth, and Lemurian Elementals as they light the way for us to know our ultimate essence of relationship. They are offering their guidance in the creation of a 21 day experience that will activate your ability to feel the environments we inhabit as sentient beings, eliminating the lines we have placed between the physical and non-physical world.

•This will support your life journey and experience of yourself so you can feel how these magnetic beings come together as an expression of pure love.

•They will bring in the frequencies to manifest active connections, creating synergistic relationships for all to be who they are in support of the same for others.

•These elementals are willing to share who they are, to not only support our journey but to help us remember the true essence of love and Source centered life and relationships.

Join Ron on this crystalline journey of expansion and awareness of your authentic essence with the Universal, Earth, and Lemurian Elementals. This powerful time together will open you to the magnificent potential of who you are and what your life can expand into being. This is your moment to choose how you yearn to love and live on this magical journey of life.