December 21 DC: You are an Eternal Light Being


Dates: December 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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You are a being of light, of radiant love and compassion. Your light being is how the Divine knows you; it is the essence of who you are, your true spirit self. It is an organizing, loving truth that is the eternal radiance of who you are. No matter how far your physical life strays from its core truth, it is a peaceful reminder of how to return to and embody who you are so you can create a life expressive of your light being nature.

Many souls have come to enlightened embodiment on this planet. They chose to be a living expression of who we are and what we can be in this world – Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tau, Yogananda, Rumi, Socrates, and more. They have been a living finger pointing the way for us to live our light body essence for ourselves, to become our version of what they chose to live.

Each day of December’s 21 Day Catalyst, Ron will immerse you in the essence of being a light body, the nature of that, and how it feels to be this and begin to feel what it is for YOU. We will also be blessed with the presence of enlightened beings as they guide you into the essence of what being a fully embodied light being is for you.