Global Transformation
A 360-Degree View of the Holidays


Date: December 5th, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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With the current state of the pandemic and the social unrest due to our divided culture, we are walking into a holiday season unprepared and unequipped emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to deal with it healthily. Within the age of technology, we face a high probability of having a “techno-home” for the holiday experience. Despite our love of technology, can it really fit the bill as a replacement for physical human connection? Likely not. We will give it our best shot, but it will surely be disappointing, especially for those already struggling with sadness, loneliness, or loss in this new dynamic of “normal”.

As these unique holiday gatherings get closer, we may find increasing levels of dissatisfaction, frustration, and sadness surfacing. With no changes in current trends and future events becoming predictable, what will we do? The current state of human affairs requires a different approach to the holidays. It requires a shift in how we see each other and how we relate to ourselves, others, and life as a whole.

A good number of Western holidays are based on a desire to feel complete, to fill a void. Of course, many people are gathering out of genuine care and love for each other. But how many are gathering from a genuine,

unconditional nature and how many out of guilt, obligation, or a longing to fill a void? As we walk into this holiday season and the rest of our lives, it is essential to become aware of our motivations for coming together. Because if we are not clear and honest with ourselves, it will be difficult to step into any family or intimate social gathering and experience true happiness and peace.

In an ideal gathering, we would be overflowing with love, happiness, and kindness in these beautiful moments of peace and joy. If this is to happen, we must get to the root of our instabilities to become the loving and caring beings that we are. This will bring into form and create an experience of real joy for the holidays and any gathering.

During this holiday healing special, Ron will be guiding you through a series of deep healing meditations to bring about the healing of:

  • Family and friend relationships.
  • Guilt and shame-driven actions.
  • The fear of being your authentic self.
  • Social and global norms of disunity and fear mongering.

We will then move into the awakening of:

  • Peace as your place of refuge and strength.
  • Love and compassion as a salve for emptiness.
  • Empathy and grace as your primary source of action.
  • Unity through harmony as a natural state of being.

The first set of healing meditations will start with an in-depth purification process. This will be followed by an energetic immersion into your creative and expressive abilities to live a loving, compassionate, and peaceful life. The next two healing meditations are designed to be a laser-focused, in-the-moment clearing. Ron will be aligning and balancing your whole person to help you bring your authentic self into any life situation. This program is designed to bring you more fully into alignment with your passion and joy for life and peace as your foundational nature