A New Years Revelation, Creating A Revolution Within - A Two-Part Series


Dates: Saturday, December 31st and Sunday, January 1st
Start Time: 8:00 AM MT
Length: 60 Minutes Each Day

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This new year is a time to live a revelation as a revolution, owning that we are stepping away from survival as the foundation of life. We are moving out of the shadows of our past and embracing that we are:

• The power of creation itself.
• Living as the evolutionary beings we are.
• Making our lives manifest one moment at a time.

As we step into a new year, we realize it is so much more. We are not just moving into another year and changing our mindset. We are creating a wholly new and evolving way of being. This new year is the time for our highest truth to be brought into form as the only way we are willing to live.

To facilitate and support this alchemical experience, we have created a two-part immersion to guide you into living your heart’s desire. In part one, on New Year’s Eve, we will be releasing all references to the past by:

• Closing the door to the 3D paradigm of survival and sacrifice at all cost.
• Leaving behind lower emotions and feelings as a point of origin and precondition to choice and stepping out of making current choices from fear of past outcomes.
• Bringing to resolution the limiting nature of control and what holds us back.
• Releasing lack and limiting views of how we see ourselves and others.

In part two, on New Year’s Day, we will be embracing higher frequency truths as a life you are meant to live by:

• Discovering the experience of completeness as your life.
• Knowing grounding and stability as your stable point in all life experiences.
• Living the highest truths as the salve to heal all wounds (the past).
• Generating the momentum, clarity, and will to continually expand as your higher self.

During this program, you will be immersed in and guided through a journey of heart-centered transformation. Opened to a field of frequencies of our highest potential brought into action and form as the life you live. The recordings of this program can be used repeatedly to support your transition from 3D survival to higher dimensional truths and ways of being anytime you feel the need for centering and change.