Global Transformation
The New Paradigm Of Money: A Source Of Infinite Creative Potential – A Three-Part Series


Date: February 22, March 7 & 22, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: Three 60 minute segments (+ Bonus: 30 minute 21 Day Catalyst)


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Money, money, money. Most people think it makes the world go ’round. And in terms of economics, finance, and currency, it does. The world stage of human civilization was built on various forms of monetary exchange, and without it, modern culture wouldn’t exist.

But how can something with no inherent value hold so much power over human life? What brings about the importance of money? How and why have we built our identity and very existence on a currency that has no intrinsic value outside of what we place on it? It is because money physically represents the natural process of human, universal, and cosmic existence; it is built on a dynamic of exchange, the very act of creation itself.

Money has become a symbol of personal worth. We have given it the power to control life and to determine the value of virtually everything. Yet currency in and of itself has only the importance we place on it. Money on its own has no intrinsic value, none. It is a representation of how we see ourselves and the world around us. At its core, money represents an inexhaustible energy source that is part of our creative potential. It is a physical representation of energy exchange that is a natural part of the universe.

All life exists through a process of giving and receiving what is required to experience its potential and thrive. This exchange honors our innate life processes. When this exchange comes from a state of purity, we can create significant and wondrous change in the world, a world that currently determines its inherent value based on a system of external accomplishments.

This three-part series is designed to release you from the loop of distortion around money and wealth. It will release and unburden you of any conflicts and struggles you may have around money or how you relate with it. You will be opening and creating the potential to live a life of your own design. Each module is developed to release you from what is limiting your life and relationship with the energy dynamic of money.

Part One: Purification

Purification is the process of releasing everything that taints and interferes with your ability to live a healthy and whole life; a life with the power and raw essence of what money genuinely represents in this physical world.

During this module, Ron will be cleansing you of:

  • Emotional limitations such as shame, guilt, low self-worth, lack, etc.
  • All forms of familial, religious, social, and global misperceptions around money
  • The limiting beliefs that?
    • There is a cost to wealth
    • You must make sacrifices for true success
    • Having money will make you happy
    • Money will solve life problems
      Having money brings you real power

Part Two: Fundamentals

For a person to establish a healthy and accurate relationship with all facets of money, it is necessary to have a reliable and stable working dynamic with the essence of money.

During this module, Ron will be:

  • Awakening you to the true nature of money and finances
  • Instilling the frequencies of what it is to be wealthy within and how to reflect it as your outer life
  • Aligning you with the essence of energy exchange in the form of money and wealth
  • Awakening you to the limitless nature of your power and potential including your ability to translate this into the physical world as wealth and prosperity

Part Three: Acceleration

In this module, you will be exposed to the pure frequencies of Cosmic and Universal exchange; opening your innate ability to awaken to, align with, and embody this natural process of life.

Ron will also be:

  • Aligning you with the New Paradigm of money and finances
  • Awakening you to the inner sight and understanding of how to use finances as a source creative, abundant, and limitless expression in all areas of life
  • Opening you to your ability to stay ahead of the curve of global change as it applies to money and finances
  • Opening you to the ability to step fearlessly and courageously into a healthy relationship with wealth and power
  • Aligning you with the ability to establish the inner momentum to create a perpetual expansion of wealth from within

Join Ron as he skillfully moves you into and through your innermost limitations with this cosmic source of limitless wealth. He will transform your relationship with money at all levels while immersing you in the pure frequencies of value and exchange.