Global Transformation
Manifestation: Walking the Path of Creating Your Life – A Two-Part Series


Date: October 24th & November 7th, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 2.5 hours

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Manifestation is the process of creating something from nothing. It results from being so clear, focused, and present of spirit-will that you can bring something into form from no-thing, the place of all creative potential. True manifestation, the birth of creative intent, is a holy dynamic expressive of the body and spirit operating as one whole presence. To truly appreciate the essence of manifestation, we must acknowledge and embrace who and what we are, creation itself.

Manifestation is the birth of a creative intent brought into form. You can’t bring anything of high quality and duration into the world if that is not reflective of who you are within. If you wish success, money, happiness, peace, etc., and you are not fully aligned as that at the core of your being, any creation made manifest will not last. All you are within is directly and immediately brought into the world through every thought, word, and action. If you are knowingly or unknowingly holding any distorting patterns, your life will express this, but this can change.

The creation and manifestation process was never meant to fill a void or to avoid something uncomfortable or painful. True manifestation is a fundamental tool the Spirit uses to bring into form its innate essence and ability to create and bring forth its very nature into this physical universe. If you choose to have a car, house, money, success, whatever it is, that’s fine and natural, but if the want and need to bring these things into your life to ease pain, longing, emptiness, or insecurity, you are viewing your experience through a distorted lens of who you are, why you are in this world, and what it is to be a creative and expressive being.

Now is the time to bring forth and make manifest the life you have always dreamed of and yearned to bring into this world. To bring into form a true reflection of who you are and what you choose to become. The heart of this program awakens your ability to live a life that is reflective of your natural state of peace, abundance, and joy. This program will awaken the magnificent creative manifestative being you are through releasing what you are not and activating all that you are at the highest levels.

During this two-part program, Ron will be walking you through a powerful process of becoming the very things you have been yearning at your core to be, happy, healthy, and whole. He will be clearing from you what interferes with your life, not being a clear and fluid expression of your creative and manifestative capacities.

Part One

Part one will be centered around clearing blockages interfering with living a life of manifestation:

  • Family lineage: known and unknown
  • Past life influences
  • Global social perceptions of what it is to create a good life
  • Myths of manifestation “what is the nature of manifestation”
  • The pain of lack, loss, missed opportunities, and poor choices.
  • Support and embrace that your body and the life you live are a manifestation, not something that is happening to you, but happing with and for you.

Ron will guide you through a healing meditation designed to purify your whole being while aligning you with your true nature and ability to be a pure expression of your infinite creative capacity and manifestative potential. This meditation can be used anytime you would like to purify your Spirit, mind, and body to take the next step is personal manifestation.

Part Two

Part two will focus on instilling the pure frequencies of infinite creative potential while awakening and aligning you with your innate capacity as a being of pure manifestation. You will be opened to and aligned with:

  •  The true knowing of your infinite creative potential The awareness of how it feels as you step away from your creative nature and into patterns of discord
  • Align you with the essence of pure creative, manifestative potential
  • Awaken and bring into your consciousness the innate ability to harness this pure creative power to manifest your spirit’s truth reflected through the life you live.

Ron will guide you through two healing meditations; the first will bring you deep into your core spirit essence and creative potential. Helping you become more intimately aware and aligned with the energy dynamics of raw creative power. The second meditation will be focused on guiding you into and through the process of becoming laser-focused within the intent of what you desire to make manifest as a pure reflection of how your Spirit chooses to experience itself in this physical world.

This program will be a powerful adventure into the nature of who you truly are and how to express that into the world as a reflection of the beauty, love, and graceful being that you are. Awakening, aligning and becoming to truly powerful creative being of unlimited manifestative potential.

Each session will be 75 minutes in duration allowing ample time for the healing work and mediations. These will be edited after the class so you can listen in after the live airing to the entire program or the mediations alone. These programs never expire and many people find it beneficial to download them and put them on a loop while they are sleeping or working around their home as the energetic frequencies carried in Ron’s voice will facilitate your ability to access the timeless space in which Ron does his work.