Global Transformation
2021: The Year of the Illuminated Soul


Date: January 3rd, 2021

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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We’re closing a year of unprecedented exposure to degrees of lies, manipulation, and deceit. What once hid in the shadows has now fully exposed itself without any concern for others. 2020 was a year when all that had been held in secret boldly walked into the light, creating chaos and confusion in the minds of the weak and vulnerable, feeding fever and pain, and disrupting people’s relationship with truth and reality.

At first, most of us complained in silence, hoping it would all just fade away. But as the year progressed, the pandemic surged. Facts and truth were twisted with intent to control the world narrative and take control of what we hold most dear—safety, security, and our innate nature to love and care for others. This dynamic pushed us to make a clear and decisive choice: to either feed the fear, pain, and hatred that has been festering within or to embrace and become the love and kindness that we truly are. The choice became clear for the people who began asking the question, “How do I live and love in a world gone mad, and who am I within it?” This questioning brought to the surface and activated the true spirit-will to live transparently and freely in our love. This act continues to grow and thrive as more of us are opening our eyes and hearts to our true nature. This guidance of our spirit-will continues to be a defining moment, the flame transforming us to awaken to our true potential. Through this process, we become part of the global solution to a problem that has been plaguing humanity for millennia. We choose to live our highest potentiality as the illuminated soul.

As a result of this opening, 2021 is the beginning of a quantum leap into the very hearts and souls of who we are. This new year brings forth the next step in illuminating the soul for 2021 and beyond. During this new year’s event, Ron will be guiding you through a series of powerful healing meditations to bring you deep into the essence of your soul, purifying you at profound depths, and aligning you with who you truly are.

You will experience:

  • a clearing and healing of the deepest and darkest influences that limit your ability to be whole and feel truly alive.
  • guidance through the waters of hopelessness and despair.
  • an opening into the vast nature of your potential.  
  • a clearing allowing you to access your passion for life and to live in a way that only you can live.  
  • the release of deep-seated doubt that clouds your judgment and ability to follow your truth.
  • an active and evolving dynamic that will move you progressively towards embodiment.  

During this program, Ron will help you develop a profound and healthier relationship with your true self by taking you through a series of powerful healing meditations to illuminate your soul. He will begin with a series of deep healing meditations, guiding you through a transformative energetic immersion into your creative and expressive abilities, so you can live your highest truth. He will then lead you through a quick in-the-moment clearing, aligning and balancing of your whole person to help you bring your best self forward into any life situation.