Global Transformation
Blazing into a New Decade: Power of Evolution


Date: January 11, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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As we enter into this new year and a new decade, humanity is moving into a millennium of expansive choice and change. We are stepping into a time of rapidly accelerating growth within our physical, mental, spiritual, and social systems of operation; all of which must adapt to support a higher level of existence. We must simultaneously increase efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience to address the higher level of detail we are beginning to access at a conscious level. We are awakening to a new era of change where our best selves will be guiding the path we choose to live, not our weakest sense of self.

Throughout human history, there have been genuine defining moments; events of abrupt and rapid change, as well as pivotal moments of progressive improvements that reshaped the course of human evolution. Within the last 100 years, humanity has systematically been ignoring the common-sense signs of the need for significant and meaningful course correction.

As a result of ignoring these signs, we have pushed ourselves into a corner that has left us no option but to radically evolve. Whether you are accepting of these changes or not, we are launching into a new era of human consciousness and life experience; one that will change the landscape of what it is to be human for thousands of years to come.

During this Global Transformation, Ron will be preparing everyone for the future of what humanity is becoming by:

  • Clearing any remnants of interference keeping you from living a higher truth
  • Creating a stronger, more resilient foundation from which to move into this higher state of consciousness
  • Preparing and aligning your body, mind, spirit, and relationships to not only manage but generate the higher frequencies of this New Paradigm

Humanity as a whole is going where few have gone before. The path of awakening is the journey of a lifetime for one to embark on. It is time to step into the flow of our innate nature like the masters who came before us; those who have embodied, created, and contributed to this momentous time by blazing the trail for the New Human Consciousness.

Join Ron for this evolutionary event as he brings us to new heights of mastery, love, joy, and contentment. He’ll be guiding everyone into, and calling forth from our Spirits, the highest and purest potential of all we can be and will become.