Global Transformation
The Center Point of Calm: Mastering Resilience


Date: July 18th, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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This world is changing at a pace never experienced before. Not only is the foundation of our governing systems failing, but the framework of our religions, cultural dynamics, global social relations, and the very nature of who we think we are is changing at a blinding, mind bending rate.

The result is mass internal chaos that is spilling out into all of our actions and inactions. We are behaving in a way that is reflective of our need to feel we have some sense of control over the uncontrollable. In addition, the desperation of the powers that be and their personal insecurities and weaknesses are being projected and amplified into the global social setting. Now more than ever, our ability to find, maintain, and deepen our true center and master resilience is of greatest importance.

It has always been of benefit, as part of our natural state of being, to be able to maintain and deepen our ability to hold our true center and recover from all new and evolving life situations. But with the number of people on this planet and the magnitude of our interconnectedness, it is time to take purposeful action steps to become more personally responsible for what we contribute to the world at large.

There is no magic pill in life, but as we awaken to, align with, and embody our innate tools of living, it becomes increasingly easier and simpler to navigate the waters of life. As you become confident and experienced with your ability to be calm, centered, and move with resilience into and through life situations, you begin to master your inner self until your outer world becomes reflective of this skill. The essences of calm, centeredness, and resilience are foundational tools for living. As you actively use them, you will progressively find yourself more stable and confident in your ability to create a life you love living.

During this Core Matrix, Ron will be aligning you with a personal awareness of the foundation of your spirit’s presence within your human life. He will create the opportunity for you to move more efficiently, effectively, and skillfully through all your life experiences from your true center of calm, so you may apply resilience with grace and ease.