Global Transformation
Love as a Core Frequency of Your Life


Dates: February 13th, 2022

Audio Webinar

Length: 80 minutes

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Love is a clear and evolving foundational component of all life. How we sense life will forever change, once harnessed and brought to be the basis of all we are and do. Those who have come before us and became the nature of love in all they said and did, changed the face of this planet. It is our time to live the path and honor our quest for true love and fulfillment to bring into form the world we long to know.

During this Core Frequency Healing Immersion, Ron will be using love as a catalyst for aligning you with the nature and knowing that:

• Love is not created, nor is it absent. Love is not made; it is expressed and exchanged.

• Love, once activated, is exponentially expansive and made manifest through the action of being it as yourself and with each other.

• Love is ever-present as one of the fundamentals of life.

• Love is a foundational building block of life itself. Without it, life is gray and hollow, bringing forth continual searching to find what we are missing, yet it is within us all, in wait of being activated and shared.

Since we have come through Venus retrograde, now is the perfect time to delve deep into the essence of love, relationship, and how to live the highest nature of the frequency of love in all areas of our lives. We are at a peak juncture of opening to and aligning with the true essence of what it is to be a loving Spirit having a human experience. Join Ron for this intimate experience into the essence of love, as a core frequency within you, and how to become the very thing humans have been searching for, love as the center of life.