Global Transformation
The Art of Giving and Receiving


Date: February 15, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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We currently live in a world that is not only divided by but also distorted in its understanding of and relationship with the true meaning of giving and receiving. The world is filled with people who have imbalanced and inaccurate perceptions of the nature of this exchange process. This unnatural association with the dynamic of giving and receiving has significantly contributed to an increasing disparity in the distribution of essential life resources such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, and opportunities to thrive. If we were to gain a meaningful awareness of the nature, importance, and value of this interchange, the quality of life for all would begin to increase significantly.

The true nature of giving and receiving is a natural and vital life process, and for most people, a skill that must be developed to revitalize this natural order of exchange. From a purely biological standpoint, there must be a transfer of energy for the whole of your being and all of life to be healthy and vibrant. The very nature of the body is to receive what it needs for physical health and wellbeing. Also, from a physical, physiological, spiritual, and relationship standpoint, there must be a balanced exchange for life to flourish. Yet most people have a deficit in both areas of giving and receiving, and likely find it challenging to be clear and pure within this dynamic energy.

Through continued reinforcement of imbalanced thinking and having minimal experience with the pure essence of these energy dynamics, we become programmed to be out of alignment in our acts of giving and receiving. This creates an imbalance that needs correction. For correction to occur, we must clear interferences with our connection to the pure nature of these energy patterns, open our awareness to what these energies genuinely are, and learn to embrace and engage them clearly and accurately.

To facilitate this process, Ron will be clearing:

  • The pattern of holding back; of blocking out love, affection, and acceptance
  • Emotional patterns that limit your ability to embody the essence of true giving and receiving
  • Social standards around worth of self and others
  • Family perceptions and patterning around giving vs. receiving
  • Fear of opening to your true limitless natur

He will then be awakening you to and aligning you with:

  • Your ability to trust your innate knowing of when to give and receive, and how to blend them in any situation
  • A higher state of consciousness that knows how to receive without shame, guilt, or regret, and how to give from your infinite and abundant self

The true measure of a person is the degree to which they honor the nature of who they are. This requires strength, courage, and perseverance. As you open and balance your ability to give and receive, you will systematically awaken and align with your capacity for balanced living. This will progressively change the very nature of the environment around you and create an opportunity for you to embody the nature of your limitless and expansive self.