Global Transformation
Hope, Prosperity, and a New Way Forward


Date: September 13th 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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As wave after wave of higher frequencies wash over the planet, a new way forward is emerging: the choice to live through the awakened self and fully remember the truth of who we are.

Hope is one of the stages in this process of remembering/becoming an embodied being.

The stages of remembering are:

  1. Hope to belief
  2. Belief to faith
  3. Faith to knowing
  4. Knowing to becoming
  5. Becoming to embodiment

Prosperity is also part of the awakening process, for as we awaken, we progressively move into a more aligned, expressive relationship with the essence of prosperity.

The true nature of prosperity is expressed through form. It is only as stable and lasting as the level of alignment of body and spirit, and how efficient and effective it is in making manifest the nature of spirit completeness in the material world.

The way forward is found through choosing to live as the awakened self; by choosing to become aware of and aligned with higher ways of being even if we do not know what this is or how it feels to live this way; by choosing to harness the will, the true inner draw, to knowingly move toward becoming something more than we’ve ever experienced ourselves to be.

During this beautiful Core Radiance call, Ron will be working on the group
at a frequency level to help us to:

  • Clear limiting patterns and beliefs that may interfere with our ability to align with and embody our true spirit selves in physical form.
  • Embrace and remember the truth of who we are, spirits having a human experience.
  • Have the courage to choose to live through the awakened self and align with the higher ways of being.
  • Become something more than we have ever experienced ourselves to be.
  • Allow our outer lives to be seen as the true expression of our magnificent spirit selves.

We have moved into a time when the opportunities for great change are becoming more apparent than ever before. Even if we are not able to see or sense them, they are upon us, and the chance to bring them into form is increasing consistently as a new way forward emerges.