Global Transformation
Your Power Is in the Present Moment


Date: December 15, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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Every moment of life holds within it the infinite potential for anything and everything to happen. It is rich in potential waiting to be birthed. Life is an ever-evolving and expanding opportunity for each of us to experience our limitless nature, fresh and new, in every moment. The very nature of our design is not to ruminate over the past or future. Our true nature is to embrace each present moment fully; to digest, assimilate, and nourish ourselves with each experience we create. From each moment forward, our entire focus is not to be on the past or the future, but the moment of now. The very moment we become so completely present that we are wholly committed to birthing the next purest expression of who we are, we need not worry about the future. When we live fully in the moment, our one and only objective is to live the next evolution of the highest version of ourselves.

To bring participants into awareness of themselves as the present moment, Ron will:

  • Infuse you with the frequencies of the limitless nature of now
  • Awaken you to how Now feels to you, and how to activate it within you
  • Activate your ability to bring yourself back into the present moment whenever you find yourself stepping out of alignment with the now
  • Awaken your ability to tap into your limitless potential from which to create the life you’ve longed to experience
  • Extract you from limiting teachings and knowledge bases that interfere with your ability to see the infinite potential and possibility within each moment
  • Clear family, local, and global norms and limiting frameworks
  • Release limiting impulses for temporary satisfaction and align you with your natural tendency for patience, tolerance, perseverance, courage, and strength to walk into each moment fully ready and willing to be all you can be
  • Clear the pain of lack and desire for control
  • Release traumas that limit your ability to live free and alive

This Global Transformation will lay a stable foundation that will contribute to your ability to become unwavering and unshakeable in your knowing of yourself and your ability to live your authentic life (not the life of the masses). This program is designed to bring you out of all the limiting patterns and beliefs that may be keeping you in a continual state of instability. The time is Now to step out of the pain of the past and anxiety over the future. It’s time to build a life on the foundation that created all life, the current moment of now.