21 Day Catalyst
The Kaleidoscope of Creation


Dates: October 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes

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October’s 21 Day Catalyst will be focused on embodying the essence of the Kaleidoscope of Creation. The kaleidoscope is a metaphor to explore and live our unique creative process. With each turn of the lens and the light available in each moment, they create and express something new and precious to behold. These visions of matter and light are the nature and essence of being a physical presence in a material world.

Just as a kaleidoscope is vastly unique in its possibilities, so too is each human’s creative potential to generate something new. Each moment of eternity is expressed through us as the cosmic kaleidoscopes that we are. We are all similar yet different in our composition, and what we bring forth in each turn of our lens is unique to us in that instance. We are in this universe and on this earth to bring forth visual expressions of our true spirit essence in any manner we choose. No matter what we share on this earth, we never lose the core integrity of what we are, creation itself. We are gifted to bring into being new expressions of ourselves in relationship to the environment, light, and lens we choose to use. The intent we hold determines the outcome. We must keep true to our core nature, choose the right environment and lens position to share who we feel we are, and make the required adjustments to bring forth our highest truth.

During this 21 Day Catalyst, Ron will be immersing everyone into the essence of your own kaleidoscope of creative potential and the new creation it holds with each turn. Each turn will open you to your highest nature of how to feel and express your spirit self. This will awaken you to the true essence of creation itself to bring your power to create yourself and life as only you can into embodied action.

Please note that on Sunday, October 9th, the program will begin at 1:30pm PT, to accommodate for Ron’s Full Moon Frequency Healing event that runs from 6-7:30 PM PT.