Global Transformation
Mother: Embracing Her Pure Essence


Date: May 12, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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When we think of mother, we often open a door that may be clear and wonderful, yet at another level may be anything but. An inaccurate impression of what the relationship was can lend itself to confusion, frustration, guilt, doubt, and insecurities. Our relationship with the essence of what mother is is as diverse as we are infinite. What is it that brings us to such a place of unsureness about ourselves and our relationship with what is supposed to be the most stable, nurturing and supportive environment we are born into? The confusion occurs because our mothers carry their weaknesses and imbalances into their lives and how they live just like everyone else. Yet we have an impression of what mother is supposed to be that is difficult for most anyone to live up to.

How many of us actually have a truly clear and healthy awareness of what the Pure Essence of what Mother is? Very few. EVERYONE carries the influences of their life experiences, good and bad. To heal our relationship with the mother we were born from in this world, we must heal the essences of mother that resides in all of us. We all carry the very nature of male and female, mother and father as part of our foundational matrix. To heal this, we must release the programming we were handed from our families and society. We must release all of the pain, resentment, guilt, shame, and sadness to unmask the truth of what is within and the natural frequencies that are the Pure Essence of Mother.

This event will address the following:

  • Healing and awakening to wholeness
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Healing the wounds around mothers and mothering
  • Remembering the Pure Love of Mother
  • All sides of mother:
    • Nurturer
    • Guide
    • Healer
    • Teacher
    • Friend
    • The sensual
    • The lover

As we clear the distortions of what mother is not, we bring in the frequencies of what a true mother IS. With this awakening we create the foundation for every person, female and male alike, to begin to feel a sense of self-love, nurturing, strength and resilience that brings forth an unshakeable foundation through which to live from. Bringing into form a way of experiencing ourselves, each other and life in a way few have experienced. This event will address all aspects of mother from a personal to a global level. Laying a strong foundational piece through which all people will be able to access and live the purest maternal essence of mother in all areas of life.