Global Transformation
Closing the Doors to the Past - Putting to Rest All That Is Unresolved


Date: October 20, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 50 minutes

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People often wear their past as a type of badge or medal of honor. They carry it with them wherever they go, wearing it on their sleeve. It can represent so much: an expression of pride, the pain of loss, a reminder of what not to repeat in the future, or motivation to be better. Whatever it may be, if past experiences are not fully integrated and we do not grow as a result of that moment, no matter how a person views the experience, it will eventually wear them down. If left long enough without resolution, it can break their spirit and life, creating an environment ripe for illness to form. If taken in correctly, it can be used as an opportunity for growth and significant change. The past is nothing more than a moment in time. When that moment is embraced fully, we are catapulted to higher levels of growth and living, evolving us in ways expressive of our true nature.

During this Global Transformation, Ron will:

  • Release unnatural and unhealthy relationships with the past
  • Free you of limiting family and social ideas and beliefs about the past
  • Clear blockages affecting your ability to live in the moment
  • Open your ability to access courage, strength, and perseverance to become everything you are meant to be
  • Awaken and align everyone with their innate and natural way of living

He will also help you gain clarity on how to use all life experiences as an opportunity to become a higher vision of who you are. Creating a higher awareness to live in the present moment so fully, that the past will become nothing more than a tool of how to live as an awakened human. This program will be a powerful tool to prepare you for the next level of living as a whole and vibrant  person.