Core Radiance
Body Image: Loving Your Body from the Inside Out - A Two-Part Series


Date: June 23 & 24, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minute Part 1 segment, 30 minute Part 2 segment (+ Bonus: 40 minute 21 Day Catalyst)

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Bonus FREE 21 Day Catalyst Recording Included

As we enter into the summer months, people begin to place more attention on their physical appearance. In most cases, it’s not healthy, and often this attention carries with it judgment, shame, condemnation, pain, and loathing. This may sound harsh, but it’s time to be very honest with how we see ourselves, the world around us, and our place in it. This skewed view has created a society of self-loathing that is primarily a result of the retail and marketing industries. Because these industries focus on an image of beauty that is highly distorted and nearly impossible for a vast majority of the population to achieve and sustain it creates conflict in a persons ability to see themselves sincerely.

Let’s make this summer and how we view our bodies the summer of change. With an emphasis on permanent transformation to total self-love, the very nature of how we see ourselves and those around us will change. Once a person begins to see themselves from a place of self-love and acceptance, it begins to change not only how they feel about and see themselves, but how others begin to see and treat them. For this to change to occur, we must become free of the personal and global social influences of what beauty has become. We must then reawaken everyone to an alignment with the radiance and inner essence that generates what true beauty is.

During this Core Radiance, Ron will be clearing:

  • Patterns of self-destructive.
  • Self-hatred as a defiant act of the views of others.
  • Shame of who we are and how we present in the world.
  • Self-destructive acts as a defiance of social norms.
  • Family paradigms as controlling and limiting factors.
  • Dark histories of physical beauty as a manipulative and destructive force.
  • Emotional instabilities in all areas of life.
  • Unworthiness of grace and ease in life.
  • Fear of success and wealth.
  • And more.

He will then be instilling, balancing and awakening core frequencies of:

  • Self- love.
  • Acceptance of who you have been and who you truly are.
  • The nature of true beauty.
  • A more profound knowing of being your Pure Spirit Self.
  • How to listen to your higher guidance that will bring you to everything that will support the whole of your being, mind, body, emotions, and spirit becoming a radiant expression of your awakened-self.

As Ron helps you change your patterns and evolve your frequencies, you begin to feel different within and how you engage the world. Then the world begins to sense and see something different. People start to see a radiance and beauty that is brilliantly vital, eternal, and nurturing to all who choose to take in that radiant essence. It is at this point the world begins to treat you differently as well. This program will be rich with insight and healing potential to bring your life to a higher level of self-image that will progressively change how you and others see you.