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Total Body Reset: The Deep Dive | A Three-Part Series


Date: September 20th, 27th, and October 4th 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: Three 60 minute segments

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The Total Body Reset is a three-part series designed to help accelerate your body’s ability to align with and adapt to the intense rate of change humanity is currently moving through. The world as we know it is stepping away from all that is known and needs the courage and strength to navigate the unknown. This type of transformational growth requires that the whole of who we are, from spirit essence to our physical bodies, be aligned and supported through this growth process.

Over the last 20 years of working with people, I have observed in them a deep yearning for life to be different, elevated, and more authentic. People have grown tired of the old, stagnant ways of being and long for truth. It is obvious that change has been a long time coming and is part of the transformational process we are currently experiencing. Through chaos and emotional volatility that is an expression of release, we walk into a new normal of daily life.

This great change we are stepping into as a species requires us to move into an elevated state of aligned and synchronistic expression, from our spirit essence to our biology, creating an easier and more fluid process of growth. If any part of us is not cohesive, the whole of our person operates inefficiently and ineffectively, bringing about increased stress and discourse within our life experience.

This program is designed to not only help you consciously navigate through this transformative process, but to energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually release old, limiting patterning. This will increase your biology’s ability to heal and evolve at a rate commensurate with your spiritual awakening, embodiment, and the global shift of consciousness.

This program will be offered in three parts:

Part One

Releasing the histories that the body and being carry which limit your ability to thrive in this form:

  • Family lineage and past lives
  • Outside influences
  • Curses, spells, contracts, etc.

Part Two

Raising the human from infant to sage:

  • Clearing, awakening, and aligning of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of being human
  •  Alignment with the higher truths of what it is to be human and spirit
  • Awakening and activating the body’s ability to live its eternal nature

Part Three

Bringing into form the highest essence of what life is and releasing what it is not:

  • Releasing a survival-based existence while moving into a life based in flourishing
  • Igniting the eternal flame of Cosmic Knowledge and Truth
  • Activating the ability to consciously live as a Spirit Being having a human experience
  • Bringing into embodiment the ever-increasing ability to live your true passion in life

Throughout this series, Ron will also be addressing the fundamentals of our true human experience:

  • Are we more than this form?
  • Has the body and mind become a prison for which we have lost the key?
  • Who are we without the body?
  • What are we without the framing and limitations of our bodies and social parameters?
  • Why do we live in a way that is far below our potential?
  • Why have we become imprisoned by our own choices that have brought us to a place of fear, pain, shame, anguish, anger, and revenge?
  • How can we release survival-based living and master thriving as a way of life?

Join Ron for the Total Body Reset series as he guides us through a deep dive into transformational healing and the awakening journey. He will be opening us to experience gratitude, flow, and grace as the foundational lens through which we see our bodies and the life we are here to live. Our experience of this world and all its beauty will become a gift through which we express our eternal love and joy.