Core Matrix
Insecurity: Developing Unwavering Confidence


Date: May 19, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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Insecurity comes in many forms and is mainly a lack of confidence or assurance in one’s self and one’s own motives and decisions. It presents because we have been led to believe through either repetitive diminishment or through direct trauma that brought a person out of alignment with one’s own spirit and relationship with truth.

Insecurities are an outcropping of the belief that we are less than or something other than who we truly are. When we begin to believe other peoples views of ourselves, them, and the world we live in, without fully honoring our clear and open impressions of the truth of who we are, our integrity weakens. We begin to doubt the very essence of who we are and our relationship with the Truth. As this occurs, we begin to wander around without a clear inner directive, and we begin to search for our true authenticity. Because this search is launched from a weakened position of sense of self, we align with the most stable thing around us. The first challenge is that we are looking outside ourselves for stability, strength and truth. The second dynamic is that we give more of our core integrity away to others. As this occurs, and the longer we stay within this construct, the more insecure we become and the harder it is to leave these unnatural patterns behind.

Ultimately, insecurity, when released from the core matrix of our whole being, creates the environment essential for us to course correct, align with our innate programming, and live a more fluid, stable and productive life. During this Core Matrix Ron will be instilling the frequencies of inner strength, truth, and stability while releasing the lack in confidence one did not gain or lost somewhere along the way.