Core Matrix
Immune System Booster Shot


Date: October 12, 2019

Audio Webinar

Length: 60 minutes

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No matter where you live on the planet, we are transitioning into our next season of change. For some it is spring, and for others, autumn. No matter where you are in the world, we are moving into a time of profound transition. Change by its very nature brings to the surface our strengths and weaknesses. If we were to focus on caring for ourselves at the highest levels, we could bring forth surprising results. By choosing poorly, we can create situations that drain and weaken our potential to live our best life. In moments of heightened awareness, we either develop opportunities for accelerated growth, or through continued avoidance, create situations that wear us down and erode our life force.

Our bodies are highly evolved and detailed biological machines. When we respect them as such, they operate beautifully with grace and ease. As we move into these moments of change, our immune systems may require supportive attention. To help us prepare for and walk through this season of change, this Core Matrix is centered around balance, efficiency, resilience, and stamina in all areas of life, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and social. This focus will work as a “booster shot” as well as an upgrade to the next level of human efficiency. Ron will be addressing what the imbalances, stressors, weaknesses, and destabilizing factors are. He will release them and upgrade your whole person to reflect your pure awakened spirit and true nature so you may live a joyful life.