Core Matrix
Control: A Necessary Life Skill


Date: February 29 & March 14, 2020

Audio Webinar

Length: Two 60 minute segments

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Control has been around as long as life itself. It is a natural and necessary force required for all life to exist and thrive. In its pure essence, control is a regulatory mechanism in all forms and expressions of creation. Unfortunately, in modern-day society, control is often used to exercise power over others and situations in order to gain some form of advantage. This is not, however, the original intent of this beautiful tool.

The greatest gift of control is its contribution to the most wondrous form of creation itself, the manifestation of life. Life is an intricate interplay of systems that come together in the universe to create biological forms that house the most powerful essence in the cosmos, Spirit. The Spirit creates and orchestrates a mind-blowing symphony of physical and non-physical energy systems, electrical charges, pressures, tension, fluid exchange and regulation, and so much more to create the very form that is currently reading this writing before it. Without control, we would not be able to experience the feeling of holding a child, being held and loved, eating, laughter, movement, and all the various sensory experiences available to our bodies.

Control is also a necessary part of how we communicate, play, express, and exchange in life. It becomes a grace when we use it as it was designed. When used outside of its natural intent as a regulatory mechanism, it becomes disruptive, destabilizing, and even destructive to our ability to live harmoniously within our own lives and the surrounding environment. At its heart, control is a natural part of life and a blessing to be revered.

In this two-part series, Ron will be releasing what interferes with your ability to have a natural and healthy relationship with the essence of control. He’ll be awakening and instilling the innate qualities of control and guiding you through a deep and rich understanding of what it truly is, so you can apply it with compassion, respect, and understanding of its power.

During part one, Ron will be releasing the imbalanced and incorrect uses of control:

  • Manipulation of self and others to protect one’s self from held history, be it current life trauma, family lineage, past life, and/or global or social imbalances
  • Power over others to gain an unnatural advantage
  • Personal gain at the expense of another’s wellbeing
  • Purposeful destruction of someone or something
  • Hide or keep that which you wish to avoid feeling
  • Keep fear at bay
  • Minimize the experience of all forms of pain
  • Hide weakness
  • Protect oneself from feeling shame
  • Prevent loss
  • Hide a lack of self-worth or poor self-esteem

In part two, Ron will instill the frequencies and in-depth Cosmic Knowledge of the pure nature of control. During this part, he will also help you break away from old paradigms associated with control to awaken and unleash the power to use this force with love and grace.

You will experience:

  • Alignment with the Cosmic Knowledge of control as a tool and creative force
  • How to use control as a supportive and functional tool to efficiently manage and regulate all areas of life
  • How to awaken and embody expansive insight and how to use this force to transform and heal

When you have a clear and open understanding of the pure essence of control, a healthy relationship with its potential will follow. It is then that you will feel the freedom, joy, and beauty within its true nature as it becomes a healthy and natural part of a fulfilling life.