Core Matrix
Agility: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual


Date: April 14, 2019


Length: 60 minutes

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The Human-being is designed to operate at incredibly high levels of efficiency. Our bodies and all of their systems are meant to work at levels of detail, accuracy, and speed far beyond what any technology can come close to duplicating. When everything is aligned we have an amazing degree of agility in our ability to not only physically move through space quickly and accurately, we have a degree of mental, emotional and energetic mobility that is unmatched as we know it. Tapping into this potential and channeling it into and through all areas of our life would bring forth amazing opportunities to live a life of extraordinary proportions. Part of our life’s purpose is to awaken and embody our complete and total nature. Putting full and total attention and effort into the task at hand yet not feel disoriented in any way. Implicitly trusting our level of presence and ability to birth new and ever-evolving ways of experiencing ourselves in our totality and grandeur.

During this Core Matrix, Ron will be addressing the details of how agility applies and operate at a Spirit and human level. He will be releasing what impacts our ability to:

  • Respond to life events quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Increase our relational awareness of our bodies systems and mechanics.
  • Access higher levels of thought and problem-solving.
  • Connect with a more fluid, balanced and detailed relationship with our emotions.
  • Increase awareness of our surroundings and interaction with it more easily.

The healing meditations for this Core Matrix will be focused on clearing, balancing (foundational), and awakening our core ability to be highly fluid through presence and embodiment. This event will be a profound and transformational process to change the way you relate with your body, spirit, and the world around you. Igniting your ability to live at ever-increasing levels of efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of life.