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Global Transformation: Functional Obsolescence

07/17/2021 at 8:00 am - 9:00 am MST

At the foundation of all life and our very existence is an essential operating system called “functional obsolescence.” By design, functional obsolescence is an inner mechanism of how life, through experience, evolves to become a better version of itself. At the heart and soul of life is an innate draw to create a more advanced version of itself. For some forms of life, primarily non-sentient, functional obsolescence is for the survival of the species and maintains harmony within the ecosystem. This process involves no thought, just an instinct to express itself. When it comes to sentient life, this process is more of an expression of free will. Suppose we look at humanity and its current state of living. In this case, we must question whether we are engaging functional obsolescence or stagnation as an outcropping of profound emotional imbalance and unrest.

There is no form within the universe that is not guided or influenced by functional obsolescence. Everything that exists operates through this process of perpetual evolution. Yet a significant percentage of humanity is a living example of how ignoring this fundamental process can create significant, unnecessary pain and suffering. This can be observed through the ever-increasing degree of avoidable illnesses, stagnant and distorted governmental and legal systems, lopsided economics, dysfunctional business practices, antiquated religions, lack of social and educational systems, as well as the primary use of competition as a measurement of growth and success. We are currently living through perceptions of the past. Society is screaming for change, change for the better of everyone.

To change, we must look deep within ourselves and peer deeply into our individual and collective soul to gain clarity on who we are. We must be open to what we want for ourselves and others. We must learn to walk the path of life while engaging functional obsolescence as a tool of evolution to become our highest and most brilliant selves.

During this Global Transformation, Ron will go into great depth about functional obsolescence. He will guide you into creating a life of deep meaning and purpose, igniting your innate passion to courageously live a life of unparalleled growth. There is wave of change that is washing across the earth, changing the way we live and transforming our understanding of who we are. Being in synchronicity with these cosmic and universal waves of higher evolutionary frequencies will help you on your path to healing and transformation. During this time Ron will help you to realize your place in this universe as the powerful creative force of love and grace that you are.


8:00 am - 9:00 am MST
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