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Staying Strong & Centered During Turbulent Times

07/15/2021 at 10:00 am MST

The world as we know it is fracturing and falling apart at the seams, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. After millennia of living out of alignment with our true nature, we have come to a crossroads. Now, the entire world and all its inhabitants are innately creating the perfect storm to correct the imbalances.

No matter what we believe about ourselves, each other, and the world, we are intrinsically expressing our will to be whole. Our true nature is to create a balance point of presence to become something more, something greater. But not because we’re afraid we are lacking, but because it’s within our nature to be a reflection of who we truly are.

With all the current events present on the world stage, including covid, vaccines, racism, and geopolitical influences, it’s time to step through the causal imbalances that reflect and perpetuate these turbulent times. During this Frequency Healing Intensive, Ron will guide you through the chaos and struggles created by current events that are affecting who you are and how you live.

Due to the intense focus on covid, the push for vaccinations, and all the psychological effects, there is a significant escalation of fear, anger, and doubt in people. To help people through these difficult times, Ron will energetically facilitate the release of any mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual influences from covid, showing you how to sincerely and healthily exercise your personal rights and personal responsibility. With his ability to access causal issues, he will help you gain clarity on how to move through all that you’re feeling, allowing you to heal and gain a strong foothold in your inner nature.



10:00 am MST
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