New Human

{ The New Human Matrix }

humanity has turned a corner;


is the time to live the higher truths

10 Weeks of Live Online
Transformational Healing Intensives

Offered 3 times per year

Winter: Self Mastery
• Spring/Summer: Healing Mastery
• Fall: Life Mastery


Winter: Self Mastery
Coming in Winter 2024

Humanity is on the path of a higher way of being. Our whole being has chosen to thrive and live without limits. We are now living our highest truths and spiritual guidance in the creation of a new world.

This is a time for living mastery, the New Human Matrix is now. Within this program is your opportunity to embody through experiential action your innate potential to be healthy and thrive. If you feel a yearning to change the direction of your life and step into a whole new way of being, then this program is for you.

The New Human Matrix has been designed to support our rapidly changing times, to meet the needs of humanity and the changes we have embraced. Through embodiment, you will become settled into the new wave of higher consciousness and living your highest potential.

If you have the desire to live a higher consciousness as your natural way of being, join Ron for the New Human Matrix.

This program is built on the foundation of truth through Pure Source frequencies, the core building blocks of all life.

Awaken a knowing that life itself is a living, breathing matrix of the essence that is Pure Source.

This program has been designed with three modules, Self Mastery, Healing Mastery, and Life Mastery, each being ten weeks long and offered every four months. Each module works with the fundamentals of life and is designed for you to live in a continual and momentous state of higher frequency living. Every week has an intent, but Ron is also creating an in-the-moment state of awareness and acceleration to meet the needs of the participants at whatever level they are at.

This series does not need to be taken consecutively, and there is no ideal order in which to take each module. To benefit from the full effect and create a year-long program for mastering your journey on this path, all modules are recommended to create a well-rounded experience. The New Human Matrix is designed to be a powerful year-long mastery series, but can also be taken over a longer period to create a pace supportive of wherever you are on your journey of healing and awakening.

Winter: Self Mastery

The Self Mastery segment of this program is designed to bring you to the next level of awakening in support of your innate ability to live a healthy, brilliant, and abundant life.

The Self Mastery segment of this program is designed to awaken and embody your innate ability to:

  • Release and heal past incomplete life experiences
  • Bring your body, mind and spirit into a natural state of harmony
  • Heal the gap between body and spirit
  • Embody your ability to generate your body and life as a being of evolutionary experience
  • Become aware of how to sense, align, and work with the many operating systems of your being – At the etheric, mental, emotional, and physical levels to know yourself more intimately
  • Live self trust, self awareness, and personal intimacy in the creation of a healthy, complete, and full life.
  • If you are working in any form of the healing arts (healer, holistic practitioner, instructor, nurse, MD) this will advance your innate and intuitive abilities to bring your unique modality to higher and more creative levels in support of your clients and growth of your practice.

During each module, Ron will be addressing the following fundamentals within this transformational experience:

  • Deconstruction – Releasing lifetimes of unresolved experiences and all energies that are not of your core self.
  • Purification – Aligning you with your pure spirit essence in preparation for the development of your fundamentals and a strong foundation – mind, body, and spirit, to the nature of who you are.
  • Fundamentals/Foundation – Creating an evolvable base from which you align yourself with the “spark of life” and your true creative potential.
  • Integration and Embodiment – Bringing in your innate frequencies, patterning, and programming for growth and success in all areas of life.
  • Activating Your Innate Healing Potential – Embodying your ability to generate yourself as a direct expression of your true spirit nature.
  • Purification and Refinement – Improving the relationship between spirit and form.

Crystalline DNA

This program has been updated to reflect Ron’s work in activating access to higher levels of consciousness and physical efficiency. His work includes accessing and transforming your current 2-strand carbon-based DNA model of life and transitioning you into a 12-strand crystalline-based DNA model. This opening creates an environment for the body to transform its genetic coding from regeneration and reproduction to generation. This transformation is a more advanced and accurate reflection of the body and its ability to generate itself from a perpetual state of evolutionary creation. Simply put, we currently regenerate from a fixed state that continues to express our old genetic material and life experiences from birth.

Ron will be creating the frequencies and core programming required to bring you to a natural state of evolutionary generation.

Crystalline DNA originates in the non-physical or quantum realm, as it is far greater than a biological entity. As past trauma and outdated belief systems are healed, the flow of love is restored in the body leading to an organic transformation of the DNA.


For each week’s module, Ron will be addressing the following foundational areas within the transformational experience:

Removing what is not your pure essence

Cleaning up from the deconstruction in preparation for the development of a strong foundation

Creating an evolvable base from which all life is created

Activating your alchemical nature and potential

Bringing in innate frequencies for growth and long-term success in all areas of life

Awakening & Embodiment:
Bringing the whole being to a higher state of consciousness

Purification & Refinement:
Improving the relationship between spirit and form.

During this module, Ron will create an environment for everyone to awaken to their limitless potential by clearing the way, opening the channels, and creating momentum for the body, mind, and spirit’s innate ability to heal, embody, and thrive.

To set the basis for the transformation to come, we will be focusing on:

  • Integrating incomplete experiences from family lineage and lifetimes of experiences
  • Clearing discordant patterns and frequencies
  • Releasing unhealthy attachments, influences, and controlling dynamics

Throughout life, we are influenced by the environment we live in. But more often than not, these environments do not provide us with the foundation to remember and awaken to our true nature. Therefore, we develop ideas, viewpoints, understandings, and impressions of life that are not necessarily expressive of higher awareness and truth. This often leads us to live imbalanced and incomplete lives.

In this module, Ron will be:

  • Stripping away family and social programming that interferes with your ability to operate at the highest level of alignment and efficiency
  • Dismantling all forms of compensations, and coping mechanisms
  • Removing unhealthy family, religious, spiritual, and social influences
  • Dissolving unhealthy limiting beliefs, ideals, and influences
  • Creating a clean slate to build an evolvable foundation to live your highest self

Now that we have released the direct impact of family, social, religious, and spiritual influences, it’s time to step into a higher realm of personal mastery. Here we will release any purposeful intent to control and manipulate others for personal gain. These intentional affects can be quite powerful and disruptive, though they may not be as obvious as more aggressive forms. These mechanisms of control are a result of deep pain and trauma.

During this module, Ron will be releasing and freeing you from all forms of curses, spells, dark forces, implants, contracts, and more.

In order to create a strong and evolvable foundation, it is necessary to clear any remaining residue from the previous modules. Ron will be preparing and aligning the spirit, body, and mind to receive higher frequencies, cosmic truth and wisdom, and codes for higher awakenings and embodiment. This will ignite your true passion for life and your potential to create.

Ron will be instilling the pure frequencies of the true universal knowledge needed for the body to align cleanly and intimately with the awakened spirit. He will then begin aligning you with your pure spirit self.

At the purest levels, this foundation will activate:

  • Mind – Unifying the human and universal mind to bring forth the guidance of your embodied spirit
  • Body – Developing expanding levels of embodiment; activating the 12-strand crystalline DNA light body of the new human
  • Spirit – Embodying your spirit potential to create momentum for change at a rate that supports your purest will.

This foundation will bring optimized functioning to all areas of your life. With unshakeable stability, you will be able to create a life of limitless possibilities.

Saturday, May 14

Midpoint Q&A: 60 minutes of live Q&A and related energy work to deepen the experience

During this time, Ron will answer any well-thought-out and concise emailed questions relevant to your experience of the program. As with all of his Q&A offerings, Ron will be working energetically with the group as a whole while supporting all of the individual needs related to the program. He will also address anything related to the questions being explored.

During this module, Ron will be supporting the body’s ability to recover from illness and injuries at the highest levels possible. He will awaken your body’s multidimensional nature, activating its 12-strand crystalline DNA model. What this means for you is that he will be helping you to love and appreciate the magnificence of your body. You will be opened to the expansive realm of spirit beauty that is moving through physical form. He will be guiding you through the release of deeper constraints of the human condition of limitation and survival. This module will clear this patterning and align you with your spirit. You will become more embodied, aware, and conscious of your natural state of being.

We are far more than our five human senses. During this module, Ron will be awakening to embody your unique intuitive abilities. To do this, he will be releasing various forms of binding that limit your ability to access and trust your non-physical aspect of your spirit nature. He will then begin to open your ability to tap into expanding levels of your intuition.

In this module, you will be embodying frequencies for optimal health, well-being, and success in all areas of life. Ron will instill and help bring to embodiment these frequencies to bring about a rapid transformation that will help you become more intimately aware of your spirit’s guidance in all of life’s situations. He will ignite your true spirit nature, so you can live your best life as an expression of your infinite potential.

This module will include coding for:

  • Healing
  • Immunity for body and spirit
  • Natural rhythms and cycles
  • Relational balance between the mind, body, spirit, and emotions
  • Relational balance between human-created dynamics (social, financial, psycho-spiritual, success, health, well-being, and aging)

In this module, Ron will be cleaning up and refining the details of all the previous modules to provide a well-rounded experience of the transformational and embodiment process. In addition, he will be instilling even higher frequencies to clarify what you require within your own personal embodiment journey. This module will ignite your spirit, helping you align more fully with Pure Source and your spirit’s guidance for the highest and best outcome.

In this module, Ron will be cleaning up and refining the details of all the previous modules to provide a well-rounded experience of the transformational and embodiment process. In addition, he will be instilling even higher frequencies to clarify what you require within your own personal embodiment journey. This module will ignite your spirit, helping you align more fully with Pure Source and your spirit’s guidance for the highest and best outcome.

Saturday, April 29

Final Q&A: 30–60 minutes of live Q&A and related energy work to deepen the experience

During this final module, Ron will be moving the group through an ultra-purification process. This will create a more stable, resilient, and evolvable foundation upon which to build your most expansive and vibrant life. He will then instill even higher frequencies to evolve your whole being to the next level of embodiment of higher consciousness. From here, you will enter further potential to create and experience a life you yearn to live.

This was a power packed 10-weeks I must say! I wasn’t expecting this much transformation from an online program. I met Ron at a live event last year in Sedona and just really wanted to keep working with him even though I live in Canada. Re-listening after the live Zoom call was an extra bonus for me as sometimes I just wanted to re-visit the theme and feel the integrations taking place again and again. Ron’s voice became a center point for me to drop into that higher frequency and just stay there, to experience it and feel what is is to live there, at that zero point that he talks about. Thank you Ron for sharing so eloquently your experience and wisdom that you have so clearly walked and lived yourself.

I really loved this program, the higher concepts Ron delves into feel like a really great spiritual book but instead of reading the words you get to feel them live. This made the integration of the higher concepts easier for my system to take in and then live in my daily life. My family has seen such a difference and I feel more at peace and ease with my life and where I am at currently. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride to these beautiful and higher realms.

Some of my favorite parts included the work with time and timing. Ron’s presentation really helped me to integrate that concept, something with which I’ve been playing for a couple of years now. This was very beneficial. I also appreciated all the silent integration that happened as Ron cleaned us up and gave us space to expand our awareness to new levels.
It was an amazing journey.  I can’t believe it is over and as I look back to when we started, I have seen the growth that I have had from the 10 week course and I am indeed grateful! I am so grateful for the concepts the focus of each session and the way that we have been able to connect through Zoom in order to have these sessions.   I enjoyed each and every session and walked away from each session with a sense of gratitude for the progress that was made and continued to be made as I re-listened to each session over and over again. 

The meditations were amazing and I was so grateful for them. They were all very powerful. I know that he connects with us before the immersions and that is great because maybe that is where he can feel where we are at and answer the questions that he feels like we have.
My experience was excellent. It was a demonstration of the saying about how when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear. I was ready to do some deep clearing, and I did. I was amazed at how closely my life reflected the weekly themes during the ten weeks. Issues would come up during the week that I needed to work through and release, which I did (at least, I did as much as I could). Then, on Sunday, Ron would talk about what I had been dealing with the previous week. I’m ready to start again in October. I would recommend The New Human Matrix to anyone who is serious about changing their life.
Overall, I was finding that throughout this TNHM so much true Joy was being felt. Yes, there were also many moments and days that were heavy and crazy with feelings. But it was also the feelings of growth and expansiveness that was always present during the past 10 weeks of Matrix. This particular one was what I have been waiting to experience and I am very pleased that you have created another The New Human Matrix to follow where we left off!

I honestly feel that each weeks module was so perfect at the moment, then the next Module was perfect and so on…. Each Module had its place and purpose for my understanding and releasing. I was and always have been excited about the expansiveness into new realms, that was what I appreciated about this particular TNHM Fall 2022. Modules 7 – 10 was exciting and created lots of movement, well as I look now at the description, it really all started on Module #4 “Purification in Preparation for the Development of a Strong Foundation”.

This has been one of the most rewarding programs I have ever experienced. I have felt myself in ways I never had imagined.


I found the TNHM Healing-Mastery an incredibly powerful class, and witnessed some massive changes happening in my life during the 10-week period the class ran for. I felt that each week took us deeper & deeper on the journey towards embodiment, and built beautifully on the week before, so that the right foundations were in place to support us on the journey of transformation.

Favorite parts – listening to Ron talking, his exploration of complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.   I also enjoyed the meditations.
Content I received the most from – listening to Ron talking (on all subject areas) – I love the depth in which he explores the subjects and the examples he gives to help us understand.   I found the later meditations the most powerful, possibly because we were able to go deeper with more time…

“I very much enjoyed participating in Ron’s recent TNHM Healing-Mastery Class – this is a powerful class, that takes you very deep.   I experienced profound changes during the Class, and, although sometimes the process of letting go was a little painful for me, I felt much brighter and lighter afterwards. I would recommend this class to anyone who is seeking deep transformation and wishes to access their highest level of potential.”

Scheduled Times & Dates

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM MT

Sunday, February 19th, 2023 – Session 1

Sunday, February 26th, 2023 – Session 2

Sunday, March 5th, 2023 – Session 3

Sunday, March 12th, 2023 – Session 4

Sunday, March 19th, 2023 – Session 5

Saturday, March 25th, 2023 – Session 5.5 Q&A

Sunday, March 26th, 2023 – Session 6

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 – Session 7

Sunday, April 16th, 2023 – Session 8

Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 – Session 9

Saturday, April 29th, 2023 – Session 9.5 Q&A

Sunday, April 30th, 2023 – Session 10

***If an unforeseen circumstance arises, we will do our best to reschedule for a time that is considerate of the The New Human Matrix community.

We will be announcing dates for the Spring/Summer: Healing Mastery portion soon. Please sign up for Ron’s newsletter to have the most updated information on current an upcoming programs or write our office at .