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Super Full Moon & Lions Gate: Frequency Healing Immersion

08/11/2022 at 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST

August is a month of powerful openings and opportunities for personal and global transformation. On August 8th, we have the Lions Gate 88 Portal opening, followed by the August 11th Super Full Moon, the final super moon of 2022. Combining these powerful celestial and numerological events creates an opportunity for profound change and awakenings.

In numerology 88 represents infinity and DNA activation. This energy portal is a galactic gateway that brings forth ultrahigh frequencies into our whole being, creating an opening for a rebirth of our spirit essence and that of all life on the home we all share called earth. These ultrahigh frequencies will be used to open our energy systems, inspire new ideas, raise our consciousness, and enhance our ability to receive insight within the New Human Consciousness we are choosing to live as the New Human Paradigm.

This Super Full Moon shines a lunar light on our basic needs for friendship, community, impartiality, and objectivity. This is a time to remember not to lose sight of our larger goals and our need to give back to the community or group that enriches our lives so dearly. With the current energies, we can feel impulsive and make rash decisions, but this is the time to dig deep into
our spirit nature to find the true essence of our eternal patience and ability to feel the highest potential in all life events. This FHI is a time to find balance within as we use our natural state of gratitude for our personal life and bring that feeling into all we are and do with others. Remember, these energies are about the balance between our inner and outer world in honor of the highest truth of who we are.

Join Ron as he guides you through finalizing the release of the heavy burdens we have been hiding deep within us so that we can release and feel free of them once and for all. As we walk through the old, remember that this super full moon and the Lions Gate Portal are expressive of gratitude for all that life offers as we step into the appreciation of the gifts and beauty of all seasons and life cycles. It’s time to become the warrior spirit, its passion for life, and the infinite potential we have to live the highest truth of who we are every moment.

During this 90-minute Frequency Healing Immersion, Ron will create an opportunity for sharing and questions to bring higher awareness and healing to light. Sonya Belisle and Angela Damico will accompany Ron to create sound frequencies on gongs and alchemy crystal bowls to support your journey through this FHI.

Please go here to purchase online or in-person tickets and be part of this beautiful Frequency Healing Immersion.

To read more about Ron, who he is, and how he works, please visit us here


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST
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