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Super Full Moon Frequency Healing Immersion

07/13/2022 at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST

Super Full Moon FHI

Every moment in life is an opportunity to experience yourself in a new and authentic way. If you embrace yourself within these moments, you begin to look into yourself and your life with fresh eyes and an open heart. This July’s Super Full Moon event is an opportunity to amplify and live this truth. With this month’s powerful alignment, we will be looking into the relationship between your inner and outer realities. We will be reflecting upon our view of the inner and outer selves, intending to birth our true balanced nature. We will be looking into the essence of polarity to create a balance between your private life, and the deep yearning to create an inner home of true nurturing. We will then look to your public life and the physical world importance of career, reputation, and accountability of actions. All the while addressing the soul’s yearning to embody peace and completeness within the physical world needs to achieve and acquire. Ron will also address any associated conflicts within these imbalances that have so profoundly affected one’s ability to create a meaningful and lasting knowing of peace and joy within.

Ultimately we will be putting to rest the conflict between unconditional love (inner) and conditional love (outer). Ideally, we will be accessing the natural balance between these inner and outer focuses by creating a unification of our heart (spirit) and the mind (body). Bringing into action our ability to live as a unified being to live as a spirit having a human experience.

During this Super Full Moon FHI, Ron will be helping you navigate and become intimate with your true inner nature, while supporting the journey of living this inner truth as it is expressed in the creation of your outer reality. As we bring forth an inner and outer balance with such clarity and depth that your inner landscape becomes your outer reality. As this way of being is embraced, you will find yourself living heaven as earth.

As part of this Frequency Healing Immersion, Ron will be reading the individual and collective needs. He will then create an environment for your sharing and questions to bring higher awareness and healing to light for everyone. Sonya Belisle and Angela Damico will be accompanying Ron to create sound frequencies on gongs and alchemy crystal bowls to support your journey through this FHI.

Please go here to purchase online or in-person tickets and be part of this beautiful Frequency Healing Immersion.


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST
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