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Healing for the 5D Revolution

01/11/2023 - 05/24/2023

Sedonya 5D Revolution-2 23

We are in the midst of launching a total human transformation as we choose to live the next wave of 5D human consciousness and beyond. This year is the initiation of the new human into the creation of a new mainstream way of being, one that is creating our next evolution of human life.

Come experience, live, and play as we move from a life of 3D survival and step into the energies of 5D consciousness. This is an opportunity for individual hands-on and collective healing as we explore the power of infinite potential and walk the talk of who we are within the ever-changing world. Ron will release blocks at the physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic levels for you to receive and process higher frequencies.

During this journey, we will move into the embodiment of:
• Living the truth of what is, not what is convenient
• Moving into timing-based reality (I am as I am)
• How it feels to live As the moment
• Move into the mastering of duality
• Healing the past through awakening your highest potential
• Life as an experiential journey lived as an evolutionary life

These experiential sessions will include the following:
• Guided immersions into the essence of this multiversal way of being.
• Hands-On healing (if comfortable)
• Whole Being Scans (for those who would like one)
• Healing the mind/body/spirit disconnect
• Open Q&A and Spirit lead insight from Ron and his guides

Other forms of support will include Alchemy Crystal Bowls, toning, and other sound healing tools.

Join Ron as he immerses everyone in the higher frequencies of this 5D paradigm for 90 minutes. This will be an individual and group journey into the heart and soul of who you truly are. During this time, you will be guided and awakened to increase your ability to embody your true healing power and infinite potential.

These 5D Revolution offerings will be held twice a month on Wednesday evenings at Sedonya.

Please Click Here to see the scheduled dates and to sign up.


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