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Full Moon Ritual & Fire Ceremony with Yasmin Boland and Ron Damico

02/05/2023 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm MST

Sedonya FM FEB 23 Yasmin Ron

This month we are blessed to be joined by Yasmin Boland, astrologer, moonologer, and best-selling Hay House author, to honor the current full moon alignment. Yasmin will start the evening by guiding everyone through a puja fire ceremony to mark this celestial alignment and the gifts this orientation offers. Yasmin guides us that, “The Full Moon is always the time to let go and move on. It’s also the time to forgive. It’s a time to clear yourself of any energetic debris which is holding you back. And Leo is the sign full of pride. (We all have Leo in our chart somewhere, so this is not a personal attack on Leos!) Pride and egos get in the way of good relationships. So whether you’re single or attached, do a really honest personal inventory and think about how much you’re allowing your pride to get in your way when it comes to your most important one to one relationships. If you’re being too proud in love… the best thing you can do is write something about it in your journal and then burn it in a Full Moon fire. This will shift your mindset and affect your actions. This is a once a year opportunity so make sure you take advantage of it!”

Then as everyone moves indoors, you will be led through an Open Heart Cacao Intention led by Sedonya’s Safe Space Keeper, Sonya Belisle.

Ron Damico will lead everyone through an energetic healing and transformative immersion to support this journey of a loving relationship with self and others. This full moon immersion will create an environment to remember the true sacredness of the divine feminine and masculine within. We will be accessing the love they are and how that love honors and supports each other in reaching their true potential as we create the sacred essence that is relationship with another. It is our time to embrace that we are one with all life, and it is one with us. With this change of perspective, we bring this truth to embodiment, awakening the Divine within and creating a life of loving harmony through the dance of life, love, and relationship with others.

This powerful evening will conclude with time for sharing of your experience and questions for Yasmin and Ron. Please CLICK HERE to purchase online or in-person tickets and be part of this beautiful Frequency Healing Immersion.


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm MST
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