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Full Moon Frequency Healing Immersion

06/14/2022 at 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST

Sedonya Full Moon JUNE 2022

June’s Full Moon is an opportunity to bring balance back to your inner landscape by awakening your inner harmonious nature. This month’s celestial influences will awaken imbalances within polarity, creating opportunities to bring peace to the lower mind (physical) and the higher mind (Intuitive/spiritual). This opening is not only about your inner landscape; it is also a focus on how you express yourself in the outer world. It’s also a time to address your inner self-talk and how you communicate your inner thoughts and feelings to others.

With our lives becoming more global in nature, we must prepare to live more actively within our global family. All communications are meaningful, no matter how trivial we may think they are. Every intent and expression has a more significant ripple effect in all areas of life. This celestial event will create an environment to find peace within while awakening and amplifying your ability to feel and navigate past incomplete experiences to help you access your innate ability to live more harmoniously inside and out.

During this Full Moon Eclipse FHI, Ron will guide us into a deep awareness of your personal and global conflicts, opening you to the essence and nature of physical and spiritual realms and how they feel for you. Then you will be guided to bring the realms together as an expression of genuine inner and outer harmony and how to communicate this in your daily life. This FHI will be a chance to put to rest all that has been limiting your ability to access and live your passionate truth as only you can.

During this Frequency Healing Immersion, Ron will create an opportunity for sharing and questions to bring to light higher awareness and healing. Sonya Belisle and Angela Damico will be accompanying Ron to create sound frequencies on gongs and alchemy crystal bowls to support your journey through this FHI.

Please CLICK HERE to purchase online or in-person tickets and be part of this beautiful Frequency Healing Immersion.


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm MST
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