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August’s Super Full Moon: Embracing the Boundless Universe

08/01/2023 at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm MST

August 1st sees the first of two Super Full Moons this month. The first super-full moon is in Aquarius, with the sun in Leo. This will be a perfect opportunity to create a healthy balance within and between the passion to soar beyond all limitations and the ability to ground this expansiveness into the heart and soul of physical life.

This is a perfect time to embrace the boundless universe and access the courage and will to bring this limitless potential into the creation of your personal life and how you live it fully with others. This introspective journey extends into lifetimes of lineage influences while creating openings for all imbalances from your first incarnation to this moment.

Join us for a deep healing immersion into the energetic influences of celestial bodies on the evolving human soul. This unique and transformative event will bring you to the edge of your current reality and meet your most significant challenges with a loving and courageous embrace. While we access your impassioned spirit to bring your limitless self into and through the heart and soul of who you truly are.

Through a guided, energetic healing immersion and through the power of sound creations by Angela Damico and Sonya Belisle, we will collectively venture into the realm of personal strength activation, healing, and the release of past limitations. This introspective journey extends to lineage clearing techniques, addressing restrictions spanning both this lifetime and past lives.

Please Click Here to purchase online or in-person tickets and be part of this beautiful Frequency Healing Immersion.


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm MST
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