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A Cataclysmic Wave of Consciousness: A FREE Global Transformation FHI Series

10/12/2022 - 10/26/2022

Humanity is in the midst of a significant transformation, with surrendering being our greatest choice for change. No matter what we see or think is happening in the world, all we observe and experience results from this choice. We have hit the tipping point where the will to change, evolve and awaken is the only way forward. This surrender will help us realize this is no longer a chore but the greatest, richest expression of love.

This movement has been influenced by a wave of consciousness moving through the universe to elevate all conscious and sentient beings to the next level of pure creative potential. I am calling this A Cataclysmic Wave of Consciousness. I’m using the term cataclysmic to acknowledge and describe the rapid and abrupt shift that is taking place. This movement is so significant that at its conclusion, we will experience a continual and complete dismantling of the old paradigms of humanity. This will make way for our highest potential to Be the spirits in form that we are. As we move into this fifth-dimensional reality and beyond, we will live our highest levels of truth expressed as the peace, love, and joy we innately are.

This wave is meant to elevate, not destroy us. As we move to these higher truths and ways of being, we begin to create a life and, thereby a world that people have been seeking for millennia. This transformational elevation will be experienced over the next few months, and during this time, we will release what has anchored us in this three-dimensional world. We can then transition into these higher dimensional realities of the greatest truth, that we are all the eternal beings of infinite love, passion, and potential that we have been searching for. This will be an opportunity to navigate the transition as gracefully as possible. Join Ron in coming together as one global family in the transcendence of limitations and awakening to your full potential, in creating the future that is happening now. During these frequency immersions, Ron will be guiding you deep into a powerful experience of what we are becoming to bring into conscious action what this can be for you and the global family we are all part of. He will guide you in strengthening your alignment with your true spirit essence to bring forth your ability to consciously and willfully access your whole self as you live every moment of your life.

Ron will be offering these Free Frequency Healing Immersion’s on Wednesdays, starting Oct. 12th at 1:00 PM PT (November dates to be announced) These FHI’s will all be Live on Instagram so please join us there where he will also be taking questions. This program is a weekly gift from Ron and Angela to their global family and has been created to support the transformation of human consciousness.

To join please go to Ron’s Instagram page
(If you follow his IG page we will be sending out reminders in his stories)


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