The Magnificent Dance of Light and Dark


Date: November 1st, 2019

Start Time: 8:00 PM MT

End Time: 8:45 PM MT

Length: 45 minutes

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It’s that time of year again, where we make the transition from the season of light to the season of dark. During this Global Transformation, we will be engaging the highest clarity within to embrace the truth of the “Dance of Light and Dark.” Ron will be using the energy associated with the light and dark at this time of year to release the limitations, fears, and pains related to this self-created battle. He will extract the truth from the inaccuracies and align you with the highest truth of it all.

In their raw form, light and dark are nothing more than frequencies that are part of a spectrum used within this universe to create and express within this dimensional reality. To truly transcend our current relationship with light and dark, we must be willing to honor the truth over what we think, prefer, and how we want things to be. Knowledge, familiarity, and preference are entrapments that keep us seeing life through the same lens with little to no change. The moment we are willing to step out of these limiting patterns of perception is the moment our lives begin to change.

Changing our long-held views of light and dark will open us to more options and increased potential, releasing the inner conflicts that create the various forms of struggle and pain we experience. Remember, we are not in pain because of the world we live in, we are in pain because we are at odds within ourselves when we align with mistruths. Once we move towards the clarity within truth, the conflict begins to resolve, and we are once again at ease. We’ll be creating an opportunity to break this cycle so you can live within the true nature of this dance.

During this Global Transformation, Ron will bring everyone into the pure essences of light and dark. He’ll be clearing away the misinformation, controls, manipulations, and various forms of pain associated with this self-created battle of frequencies within. He will help you awaken your ability to hold your balance and true inner knowing in the presence of forces that favor power over in place of truth with. Therefore, creating an intimate expression of the magnificent dance of light and dark.