September 21 DC: New Beginnings


Dates: September 1st – 21st

Start Time: 7:00 PM PT

Length: 30 Minutes Each Day

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Humanity continues to awaken to a truth: that every moment is a new beginning, a chance to manifest a new life, a new version of yourself. Imagine life as a book waiting to be written – with every heartbeat, a word; with every passing moment, a sentence; with every experience, a paragraph; and with every transformation, a chapter. These next 21 days are an open invitation to express, experience, evolve, and write the script to become the truth of who you are.

During this 21 Day Catalyst, Ron will guide you into the awareness of how to create your life one word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter at a time. Experience how to breathe a new beginning, a new vision of yourself into form, one eternal moment and experience at a time. Open yourself to receive the memory of your heart-felt nature that has been untapped. Open the eyes of your heart to the knowing of Source and the space you are meant to create from. Remember, every moment is an eternity expressing itself as you. We will take an energetic journey into the heart and soul of the scribe within to awaken and embody the true creative nature of who you are.

Join Ron as we embark on this adventure together, writing the book of your life with the ink of your soul’s intentions, embracing every moment as a new beginning.